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Draft Day


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:vhllogo:VHL Draft Day:vhllogo:


The annual Victory Hockey League Entry Draft is nearing, and teams are finalizing their draft boards in the war rooms. Malmo is officially on the block and Condor Adrienne is likely booked on the first flight to Sweden after the draft concludes tomorrow night. With the first round prospects highly touted in many news articles this past week, we are going to turn our attention to a few lesser known high end prospects.


:sdm:Kaspars Claude: (18th Rated Prospect):vhlmlogo:



Although Claude doesn’t project as a First Round prospect, it wouldn’t surprise me, if Claude found himself going in the top twelve of the draft tomorrow. Claude has keen consistently practicing since entering the league back in July. Earning around 100 TPE a month is a great rate, and if not for many of the recreates in front of him, Claude would likely be a top five prospect in many other VHL drafts. Look out for Claude as the rookie is just taking off in his hockey career.


:ssk:Jeff Tates: (26th Rated Prospect):vhlmlogo:



Tates is another name that teams should be paying attention to. Tates is another prospect that joined the league back in July and has been showing up to practice consistently since entering the league, Tates played fifty-three games last season with the Saskatoon Wild after joining the team in the midst of the season as a free agent. Tates right now is looking like a Third Round pick, but don’t be surprised if a General Manager picks up the Canadian prospect sometime in the first twenty-four picks.

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