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Rookie signed


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0225 Sports had the chance this week to catch the Aces newest signee as he left the ice after his first practice with the team.  Steve Blackmoon was on site for the exchange.


SB:  Kevin, you were not in the draft this year, what led you to delay your entry into the league?


KR:  Honestly, my paperwork wasn't in order.  It's not something I'm proud of, it's embarrassing to be honest, but I had let my Canadian passport expire, and that was going to be an issue.  It was my fault, one hundred percent.


SB:  How has it worked out for you so far?


KR:  I think I found a good landing spot in Vegas.  It's pretty warm here, and its new to be in such a fast city.  It's probably best that I'm too busy to leave the facility too often.  I'm just trying to catch up to the other guys and the rigors of the Minors.  But as far as having options, it was honestly amazing to be able to select my destination.  I don't think many guys get to do that at my age, and I'm grateful I didn't have to wait out the season.

SB:  What do you see as your role with the team, now that you signed here?


KR:  I'm just here to learn the game at this level.  It's been amazing to come from skating on the lake across the road, back in Minnesota, to Vegas.  It's exciting, and I'm just trying to find a way to get out on the sheet.

-Courtesy 0225 Sports



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