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Kris Rice - Weekly Journal Entry #1


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Journal Entry # 1


      Hello everyone, this is Kris Rice from the Mississauga Hounds. I thought I would take a crack at doing Journal entries throughout the season to allow the fans to be able track my progress and be able to understand that I am committed to becoming a better player for their team. I am very excited to be apart of this amazing organization and am excited to be giving you an inside look at my progress throughout the season.


      It has been nine games since starting my career with the Mississauga Hounds. Acclimating to a new system and playing in a new city has been more of a challenge than I had anticipated. It has not been as seamless as a transition as I had hoped making the move from the WHL to the VMHL. Breaking down my statistics will help me see the areas of my game I need to improve on to make a more positive impact on my team.



      After nine games I have finished with one goal and two assists. The pace of the game is much faster in the VMHL and I need to find a way to adjust to that. I’m not a typical goal scorer but I feel I should be at least helping set up my teammates better in the offensive zone. I pride myself in being a playmaking forward and with only two assists to start shows I still need to improve on an area of my game that I once considered my strength.



      The biggest issue I have noticed in my game thus far is my defensive play. I have managed a minus ten in only nine games. My defensive play has been extremely poor and could be a major contributing factor as to why the Mississauga Hounds haven’t been on the winning side of our recent games. I need to focus on being effective not only in the offensive zone but most importantly in my own end. 



      A stat that I am proud of is where I am with hits after nine games. I have twelve hits over these games and that tells me I haven’t been afraid to shy away from the physical side of the game. Although, looking back I wonder if some of the physical play has put me out of position leading to odd man rushes the other way and ultimately costing us goals against. 

Ways to Improve


      As proud as I am of being more physical and aggressive I need to focus more on other areas of the game. Over the next few weeks I will be constantly training on the defensive side of my game. I will be working at improving on angling players off of pucks, increasing the effectiveness of the stick check without taking additional penalties and last but not least my effort when it comes to back checking. As my defensive game improves the offence will not be far behind. By committing myself to constantly growing as a player it will help the Mississauga Hounds turn the corner and become a playoff contender. 



      I will check back in after another set of games to breakdown the ups and downs of my performances and the impact it makes on the Mississauga Hounds. 


Word count : 547

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