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New York Season So Far [1/2]


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Esso has made some really strong moves for Nee York to this point. We will now somewhat know if some of them has been effective or not.



 Steve LeGrande has been the lead forward....defense men of our team!?!? He has been putting big numbers in games and will still get them troughout the season. Maybe he can already win a defensive award if things keeps us?


Aleksander Rodriguez has been a point of game so far. The great thing about it is that he has had a pts at least once in ever single game by shooting and making 25% of his shots and has 2 GWG. Consistency will be very good for him and he has been laying the body this year. Will he keep staying consistent tho? (Put me on the SO lineup coach!)


Nethilla Dissanayake has been another consistent player. Even though he is just under a pts of game, he has been getting big pts in big games leading in a victory for our team. He is becoming a really clutch player for NY. Hopefully it keeps up as he gets better and can contend to have the most improved player award.


Dalton Wilcox has had an amazing start of the season as a rookie, but has struggled a bit during the recent games. He likes to get assists, but he is the leading shot taken on our team but only has 5% that actually made it in the net. Hopefully he can found the back in the net during the season if he wants a chance of getting ROTY.


Lance Flowers is having quite a decent year as a d-men in the first line with S.LeGrande. He is getting assist, laying the body, blocking shots. Everything, but it is concerning that he is top on the league in PIMS. Especially because he plays in the PK as well. We hope he tries to control his hits if we want to have a better chance at winning games.





Boris the forest has been struggling in a lot of games since the start of the season. He has 3 pts and people were expecting him to score a lot and be and force to reckon with after his amazing rookie season last year. Maybe being the captain is putting the young player with a lot of pressure? Hopefully he can come back to form in the next couple of games.


A Red Guy and S.Gunnarson are both rookies. We didn't expect them to post Vezina numbers but they have been performing quite under average. Gunnarson has stepped up a little bit in his last two games, but A Red Guy doesn't have the same luck as him. Hopefully the both of them can continue to grow and experience the VHL during this season and post better stats later on.


K.Foreskin and Elmebeck. They don't really deserve to be in the downside, but not in the upside as well. They have been playing amazing in the PK, but Elmebeck is having quite a hard time on 5vs5 and Foreskin has been taking a lot of PIMS, but got some couple of pts. This is a really strange pairing and we really don't know how things will be. The fans hope that it will be positive.


The rest of the rookies. Yeah yeah they are rookies in the second/third line. They aren't expected to have a lot of pts but they are having some really bad chemistry together on the ice. We hope that Esso will make some changes really soon. They aren't really scoring and they haven't allowed that much goals, but the first line can't do everything.



New York is in a playoff spot in our weak division, but they can't count on a wild card spot in our conference. Toronto has been struggling so if NY continued to win would make them have a run at there money. We can even make the playoff because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEEE -Aleksander Rodriguezzzzz

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1 hour ago, Krice13 said:

Review: No pictures were incorporated into this media spot. Also there are a lot of spelling errors. I would just take a few minutes after you are done to read through it and correct any errors.

I did it this morning and it was supposed to be an article with 250 words but ended up with 60 somehow lol. I wasn't really serious about this because I needed to go to college fast lel.

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No worries

3 minutes ago, Jtv123 said:

I did it this morning and it was supposed to be an article with 250 words but ended up with 60 somehow lol. I wasn't really serious about this because I needed to go to college fast lel.

No worries! It’s only constructive 

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