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A unique position for Saskatoon.


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SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN -- The Wild find themselves in a unique position... regarding the lottery. If it were to happen right now, Saskatoon would have a baffling 90% chance to win the first overall draft pick. The Ottawa Lynx, San Diego Marlins and the Saskatoon Wild all sit in the bottom of the league and only one team, the Saskatoon Wild, own each of the thirty percent lottery picks. The Wild acquired the Lynx and Marlin's first round pick last season, and also aquired Minnesota's first round pick to compliment their first round draft stock. Wild GM Rylan Peace was tactical in his decisions, apparently, but called hypocritical in the lack of available picks during season sixty eight's dispersal draft. 

"I tried to get into the dispersal draft," Peace admitted. "But there were no bites for the players we had on the market." 

"The most logical move was to trade for a few seasons in advance. We weren't willing to deal a player like Palazzo for a third round pick - and that's just an example - in the then upcoming dispersal draft." Peace said. The Wild moved out the majority of their core last season in exchange for picks, but the majority of the picks were for the season sixty nine dispersal draft. A particular GM called out the moves made by the Saskatoon Wild as hypocritical, but that's an expired can of worms already tossed in the trash bin. 

"I'm excited for the upcoming draft," Peace admitted. "Of course this draft stock relies heavily upon a certain quality of rookies in the draft itself." 

Previous drafts had healthy amounts of early depth, but so far the S69 Dispersal Draft lacks that early depth - it should be noted that the quality of the draft isn't in question, just the depth of the draft so far. With further league recruitment it should develop into a deeper draft, but as it stands it would be difficult to pull two full rounds of active players if it were to happen right now. The season is early after all, and recruitment drives haven't really begun.

"I have the utmost faith in the recruitment team. I am anticipating a large influx of new players, and I'm looking forward to introducing Saskatoon to them." 


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