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A Game Changing Decision


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Before Moscow game tonight, reporters has approached Rodriguez, who is on fire since the start of the season, about his recent success since becoming only an alternate captain. This is what he had to say for his somophore year in the VHL.




- I told you all that last year was only a period of me adjusting to the VHL. The VHL had a lot of more open ice and the game looked slow for me. In the VHL, players are a lot faster, stronger and smart. I kinda let Boris the forest take all the spotlight last year and I didn't end up winning ROTY. People in the off season was already thinking if I'm not cut out for it and that kinda lit up a fire in me! I had only one goal in mind, prove the haters wrong and take the spotlight all by myself. I guess I'm having a pretty good start of the season in my sophomore year by having at least 1 pts in 10 straight game and I'm over a PPG right now. To be honest, S.LeGrande has been a huge help with my perfomance right now and he is playing out of his mind right now. On the other side, it seems Boris has been struggling ever since he got the C on his jersey and got demoted on the second line. The thing is, the player (Nethilla Dissanayake) who I've had great chemistry with so far has been demoted as well for no reason, just so to get Boris going. That kinda took a shot at my heart and felt that Boris is the only important dude right now. It's true that I was disappointed that I didn't get that C 'cuz I demanded a trade to NY, the place I was born and was willing to risk my career by not playing for Riga, but for Esso instead, the man who gave me a chance in the VHLM. I think its time that I make this announcement right now, I'm going to become a Center and will make Boris prove to himself that he  really deserved that letter on his chest.




The reporters were shocked about these comments and could bring trouble later on.


Yawnnn, anyway I hope that I can play with Nethilla again and form a line with him and D.Wilcox. I'm trying to get him ROTY. Oh btw, people within our own organization think that It's better just to just forget about the playoff. That waiting will benefit us and from my memory, that didn't really work out. Firstly, I came here to make NY great again and not let the fans be miserable no more. Toronto has been struggling really hard this season and I believe the door for the playoff is starting to open. I just need to push it further, even if by myself! Thx for the interview boys, now let us win this game!



                              (Made by the one and only Steve LeGrande)

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