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Kris Rice - Weekly Journal Entry # 2


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Journal Entry #2


      Hello everyone, this is Kris Rice from the Mississauga Hounds back for the second entry of my weekly journal. At the time I am writing this the Mississauga Hounds have completed eighteen games. We are nine games ahead of the last time I checked in. What a turn around it has been for our team. The Hounds are sitting tied for fourth in the standings with Mexico City. We currently hold a respectable 10-6-2 record and are only getting better. 


      The team is currently being led by a trio of offensive dynamos. Balentine Kidd leads the team in goals, assists and points. Jerry Wang tied with Balentine in goals and of course Brock Louth who is right on there heels for the team scoring title. As for myself I am currently 5th on the team in scoring but no where near the level of the gentlemen mentioned above. I have found myself playing as more of a role player through the first few weeks. Similar to last week I will break down the week that was for myself as a player and what I can do to continue to help our surging team succeed.




      Last week I really harped on how poor my defense had been during the first week of play. I was minus ten over that stretch and not doing my team any favours. Well I’m happy to report that I’m still currently sitting at a minus ten rating. Of course those numbers don’t seem great but over the last nine game stretch I’ve played at a zero plus minus to remain at minus ten.This is a huge step forward in my defensive play. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done but I take pride in my defensive game and it will be an attribute that I will continue to work on.




      Another area that has improved over the last nine games. After the first week I had one goal and two assists in nine games. After another nine games I am sitting at four goals and 5 assists. This is a six point effort over a span of nine games. It doesn’t show off that I am an elite level scorer but it is showing progress. I do contribute this to the whole team playing better as a unit which is allowing each individual to succeed as well. 




      Another stat I wanted to touch on were hits. I added another ten hits over the last 9 games. This is a continuing trend of physicality that I take pride in. My discipline has been on point since day one. Over eighteen games I’ve only managed seven minutes in penalty time. Being able to play a physical defensive game and stay disciplined is extremely important.


Whats next?


      As I continue to work on the individual components of my game such as defensive play and contributing on the score sheet, my main goal is to help the team push past where we currently sit in the standings. Over the next few weeks we could be contending for a top three spot and maybe before season end we can lock down the top spot in the league. I will continue to progress and build to be the best that I can be for the Mississauga Hounds.




      Thanks again to anyone who might be following these threads. Doing these journals helps me keep track of how the team is progressing on a more detailed basis and of course how I am progressing as a player. I will check back in with another report sometime over the next week or two!





Word count: 613


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