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The end is near, thank God. It has been a fun season but with the end coming up fast, it will be a relief knowing that the pain will stop. Not easy to play on a team during a rebuild but it does have it's upside. The GM has a well laid out plan that should have us looking good in the future. My team mates are working hard to improve their skills and we have a winning attitude.


It's not like we are going to rollover and play dead. We will fight to the last minute of the last shift during the season. We can pull off some really impressive upsets from time to time. With our core still finding their way, it is only a matter of time before we run like a well oiled machine.


One thing for sure, we are here and coming for the top spot. Won't be this season obviously, but in a season or two, it's all out warfare. We have the guns and the leadership to make this happen. A great locker room that is full of excitement. What more could a player ask for?


I feel very proud to have to be able to play with such great talent. We will grow together and make this team great again.

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