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  1. Esso2264

    S64 WJC Discussion Thread

    do you prefer that we send a line file or just some text? i got mine almost done so i'm just waiting for the index to do it in the client @Devise
  2. Esso2264

    S64 WJC Discussion Thread

    When are we expecting to have the index?
  3. Esso2264

    Why Team Europe does not win the WJC

    Doing the Switzerland way
  4. Esso2264

    GM 137: Riga Reign vs. New York Americans

    so i heard of this legend called a goal
  5. Esso2264

    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

    Why do this when everyone gonna say Canada? Canada btw
  6. Esso2264

    WJC S64 - Team World roster!

    i count 9 Forwards
  7. Esso2264

    OSL/OTT: S64

    @Beketov @Banackock
  8. Esso2264

    OSL/OTT: S64

    Welcome to Ottawa boys!
  9. Esso2264

    TPE: Reddit Weekly Upvote

    Done - Caps
  10. Esso2264


    thats dope man thanks!