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  1. @GustavMattias im not on your team buddy 😎
  2. Transaction ID 4SC16114XL489983M Foreskin Double Week x2 5 TPE 1 mil Ylonen Free Week x2 5 TPE Double Week
  4. G- A Red Guy F- Roll Fizzlebeef @pennypenny
  5. Hello people of VHL Here are your New York Americans captains for the season C- Boris The Forest @chillzone A- Lance Flowers @CowboyinAmerica A- Owen Nolan @studentized I also want to introduce our Ring of Honor. This is for players that may not have had a big impact statistically to be introduce in our Hall of Fame, but that should be recognized. Today we introduce a friend that left us too soon. He was a big part of our organisation and i can say that we wouldnt be were we are. thanks to @Motzaburger for the banners
  6. Rosters: Esso2264 F - Jet Jaguar F - Mikko Aaltonen F - Roll Fizzlebeef D - Jeff Downey D - Charlie Paddywagon G - A Red Guy pennypenny F - Dan Baillie F - Guy Legrande F - Benny Graves D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen D - Guillaume Fontenette G - Raymond Bernard HearnNation67 F - Mat Tocco F - Shawnomir Jagr F - Patrik Tallinder D - Michael Gary Scott D - Berocka Sundqvist G - Greg Eagles solas F - Scott Greene F - Acyd Burn F - Gritty D - Condor Adrienne D - Lincoln Tate G - Finn Davison oilmandan F - Hunter Hearst Helmsley F - Henrik Zoiderberg F - Tyler Barabash D - Brock Louth D - Cody Smith G - Rayz Funk BladeMaiden F - Julius Freeman F - John Frostbeard F - Phil Marleau D - Vladimir Pavlov D - Apollo Hackett G - Michael Johnson
  7. F- Mikko Aaltonen D- Jeff Downey @pennypenny
  8. @Dil why you do me like that
  9. Please put the position of the players when you pick, helps me out a lot F - Jet Jaguar @pennypenny
  10. NY GM making shit trade like alwaays
  11. i wish discord didnt die when im dying alone

    1. Doomsday


      I'll hold you bb