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  1. Esso2264


    i'll apply
  2. Esso2264

    S63 WJC Index

    lines are in for EU
  3. Esso2264

    S63 WJC Index

    i'll send my lines when i wake up later
  4. Esso2264

    Live S64 VHL Draft Rankings

    from what i see (mainly LVA players) Komarov is not on the good team, same with Coleman and Lucera was drop
  5. Esso2264

    Live S64 VHL Draft Rankings

    Wahl isn't on LVA anymore @McWolf
  6. Esso2264

    test trade

    great trade
  7. Esso2264

    Shawinganen And The Juniors

    At least we win against Team World
  8. Esso2264

    Recruitment Team Staff Changes