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  1. Vikingstad-Lamb-Tsujimoto Shield-Winter-Pines Jungkok-Xin-Schwarz Gumballs-Muffbeav Tanky-Kaberle Dimmadome Harvey
  2. @Ricer13can we play on this https://store.steampowered.com/app/1349230/5D_Chess_With_Multiverse_Time_Travel/
  3. im at work i cant make lineups, can you guys do drama later at night?
  4. hello there C- Red Lite @Tate A- Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment A- Thadius Sales @thadthrasher (Chicken Wing @chiknwill wear the A in the sim)
  5. in 3 years i havent done a media spot yet, im not gonna start doing this and i shouldnt be fired cuz of that but because i cant make my team win
  6. guess i passed out huh F- Andrew Su D- Jiggly Gumballs @RedSus
  7. Award Committee was disbanded in like S67, which is like a season from the big boom of members we got, pretty sure when i was in it, some people were in their like 3rd run in the committee and you're were not suppose to, i feel like we have enough members atm that we could do an award committee again and it having super active members that arent GMs