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Shoutout my biggest hater.....I mean fan

Da Trifecta

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Congrats @eaglesfan036 on keeping me going. The fact that you actually spend time out of your day to go trolling through my posts to react to them keeps me going. I still have no idea how you find the time in your busy schedule to do this but it's much appreciated and I can see you continuing to do so. I guess I could call you a hater but let's be real here. You are a fan and you do it because you think it gets under my skin. Also your random messages about your negativity towards your president are another thing that keep me going. You waste so much of your day just to look up random shit that you find you can poke at me with. I wish I had as much time on my hands as you have because maybe then I could actually do my stuff on time instead of rushing it in last second.

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