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Guy Lesieur Says Goodbye and Thanks to Mexico City Fans


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Guy Lesieur has just been traded from the Mexico City Kings and there will be more to be said about that from a different angle, but this is more of a goodbye to the fans. When I was drafted by the Mexico City GM, I had two emotions. The dominant one was joy over being drafted to my very first team in the VHML, but my second was surprise. There was hockey being played south of the Rio Grande? How do they keep the ice from melting? Must be some great refrigeration systems down there! It’s amazing enough that Houston has a team, but Mexico City?


So, I wondered what you all would be like? How many Mexicans would come out to see what is, afterall, primarily a North American and European game? I wondered if many of you would even understand the game or if it was just some curiosity.


And you certainly set me straight. Mexico City knows its hockey and supports its team as well as any fans in the hockey world. And so loyal. We have played our hardest and yet we’ve been middle of the pack in the standings all year. Some fans would drift off to other sports or entertainment options, but not our Kings fans!


Thank you for waking me up to how wonderfully knowledgable and supportive you are. And thank you for a great half season amongst you. I may have been moved to Las Vegas in a trade, but a piece of my heart will never be able to be moved. It will remain in the capital city. Go Kings!

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