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Werbenjagermanjensen Announces Intent to Become Free Agent

Fire Tortorella

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - It's been an up and down career so far for Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. The now veteran defenseman was selected second overall by HC Davos Dynamo in the Season 65 VHL Entry Draft. Although at the time, Smitty was part of a two-way race for most practice hours, he has now broken away from the pack and is the undisputed TPE leader from his draft class. Going into his 5th season, the veteran defenseman is expected to pass 1,000 practice hours shortly after the start of next season.


As a rookie, Smitty signed the standard 3 year contract with the Dynamo. In those 3 years, Smitty put up OK numbers, and the team made the playoffs once in Season 66 before a fire sale of some of their talent due to what was reported as locker room issues. At the end of that contract, the defenseman and management had a discussion in which Smitty let it be known that he was going to sign a one year extension and then see how things fell. Going into this season, HC Davos Dynamo were seen as a bubble playoff team due to the introduction of the conference and divisional playoff system. Even though they were the last team in the European Conference, under the old system, the Dynamo would have comfortably been a playoff team and had an easier time in the playoffs. The Dynamo lost a tightly contested 7 game series against the Malmo Nighthawks, who would eventually go on to lose to the Seattle Bears in the Continental Cup. From an individual standpoint, Smitty had his best season to date, and will most likely be coming home with one, if not two, individual awards this season.


And that leads to this off-season. Halfway through his career, Smitty has not yet made a Continental Cup, let alone win one. This is not acceptable, as his player agency has prided itself on winning multiple cups with each of his last two players and the majority of his others as well. Going forward for the remainder of his career, Smitty will be focusing from season to season on winning a Continental Cup. While he has not ruled out a return to the Dynamo, Werbenjagermanjensen will be testing the market to see what other options are available. Here is what he's looking for:


  • A chance to win next season. No multi-season re-builds, no re-tools. Need to be a top contender next season
  • An offensive game plan that allows defensemen to put up points is a plus - offense wins in the VHL
  • Another player related to Werbenjagermanjensen, Gritty, will be a free agent as well. Outside of a 6ish season stint with the Riga Reign, these two player agencies have rarely played on the same team. Being able to accommodate both players would be a very large plus, but not a 100% requirement.
  • Send any PMs on the site please, not Discord


I look forward to receiving discussions on Wednesday and offers on Thursday.


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