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Something is brewing in Orion's camp


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While other free agents are picking their teams and going to training camp to get to know their new team mates, Free agent Orion Slade so far has taken meetings with two teams and has zero intention on making a decision any time soon. When will he decide where he plays next season? no one really knows. Orion was last spotted in Las Vegas on the ice. No. Not practicing. He was spotted passed out drunk on the ice merely just an hour before the Las Vegas Aces began their training camp. Since Robbie Zimmers his agent is the owner of the team, they just waited for him to wake from his slumber. It will be very interesting to see if Orion even shows up for a training camp. Rumors have it, that he couldn't care any less about making himself a better player and is looking to coast to a easy cup victory. If Orion signs anytime soon, it will most likely being shocking to the two teams that he is talking to and even his agent Robbie Zimmers who says "At this point hockey is not even on his mind. Orion is on a journey. Not of self realization but one of partying in as many countries and cities that he can. Training camp and all that shit would just get in the way of that. We will see what happens but as of right now, he may just sit the season out"

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