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Wasn't sure if I could type another 200 words, but then Devise helped me a bit.


A round robin for the World Cup has ended just 5 minutes ago. The team World had an alright performance. The 4-5-1 record was enough for the fourth place. I assume we're going to face Mercs in the quarter finals. It's been a while since Mercs were that good. Is this their yeat to take? Maybe, why not.


Kallis had a fine performance with .925 and and 1 shutout. Guess he was the second best goalie after Brick Wahl. Can't complain about these stats knowing what is he doing sometimes in the VHL league. Randoms though. @gorlab was so happy to see Jaguar having a great chemistry with Jagr. But I guess he should more think about his perhaps future linemate and his stats in this world cup. I mean, if he shows kind of these numbers in next season, Moscow is totally fucked. Talking about smoking the whole pack of mids. I'm afraid these were not even mids, these were some spice. 4 points, -8. Bruh. The woat 81 OV forward nickname coming in stores as of now.


2 TPE to Randoms

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