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The S69 Las Vegas Aces Prospects


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With the S69 VHLM Draft drawing to a close, we at VHL.com will have a look at their draft class from tonights rounds.


4th Overall: Mikko Lahtinen :fin:

-A fast center with a great scoring touch, in an abbreviated S68 in the VHLM Lahtinen put up 16 points in 27 games, as well as 2 points in the playoffs, playing with Mississauga.


21st Overall: Leon Gutzwiler :swi:

-A young two-way forward from Switzerland who specializes in playing smart and using his deadly release, Gutzwiler will be playing his first games in North America this season.


38th Overall: Colin Moore :usa:

-A tough winger who doesn't let himself get pushed around, Moore will be an energy add to the Aces depth for this season.


44th Overall: Igor Trice :rus:

-A raw forward still developing his all-around game, Trice had a brief cameo appearance for 6 playoff games for San Diego last season.


53rd Overall: Scott McGoo :eu:

-The Italian goalie is likely brought in late to potentially play a backup role this season.


54th Overall: Raimond Jimenez :merc:

-A 16 year-old roster filler with room for improvement, Jimenez will also be a depth piece in Vegas.


55th Overall: Jesse Jordan :usa:

-Another roster filler, as Vegas use their late picks to round up potential depth options rather than passing.


In rounds 6 and 7, Vegas selected more depth options / potential late gems in Felix Arvid (C),  Pornelius Hubert (C), Garrett Bates (RW), Matt Jones (RW), and Ian Valcimond (LW). 


All in all, a solid-looking draft in which many pieces were added to the Vegas squad. Let's see how it turns out!


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