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Brick is Golden (again)


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Mexico City, Mexico


Nov. 12, 2019




Brick Tamland landed back in Mexico today. This time with more hardware. He has now won a gold medal in each World tournament. First, as GM of Team World in the S67 World Junior Championships. Brick followed up at S68 with a weak Team World team that did not place. Looking for something more, Brick was appointed the GM of Team USA, his homeland, for the S68 World Cup. Brick was determined to outsmart fellow GMs with his low, oh so low, IQ. Team USA looked like they were done for after the round robin; however, Brick and his medically diagnosed mental disorders had another plan. Brick decided to change the lines. USA tromped their way through the elimination rounds and proved themselves champions. Brick is a two-time world champion at the highest levels in simulation hockey. Next up for Brick, he aims to drink the nectar from the Founder’s Cup, then the Continental Cup. Brick has only just begun. 


Word Count = 166

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