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How does it feels to be in Malmo


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I do miss my time in NY, but it feels amazing to play with such a special and deep squad right now. Some people in NY believe that they could contend for the cup in 2 or 3 years, which I do hope happens to them. Anyway, Malmo has amazing players to be around with in the locker room and that I can really be myself with them. McWolf is already displaying me his leadership/experience in the VHL, ADV is making me feel like home even though I am so far from my birthplace, New York. The practice are really fun with these boys and it seems to me that I can really demonstrate my playmaking talent with our projected lineup. I hope that I can maybe be top in the league in assists. 


By the way, people are starting to look down on us all of a sudden and is giving multiple dog shit reasons to do so. Welp, shall we surprise them boys ;)



(Really quik article to just get my TPE so yeah it's shit I know lol)

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