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Okada's first game in Calgary


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Yesterday was one of the most exciting moments in Hiroshi Okada's life. After being drafted by the Calgary Stampede, it was time for him to play his first game with his new team.


After the ref threatened to have him removed from the game if he didn't stop wearing a cowboy hat instead of his hockey helmet, Hiroshi knew he was blacklisted. While he didn't take any penalty in this match, the ref did everything he could so Hiroshi wouldn't score like the scoring machine he is. It's the only logical explanation why he got no points because everybody agrees he's a prodigy.


After the game, Okada kept his cool and refused to call out the referees: "They ale just doing theil jobs... they can't have one playel scole too many goals duling his filst game. It's bad fol business."


How can someone his age be so humble even if he has every right to brag? Who knows. We can only be thankful the Stampede blessed us with this player, people of Calgary.


This message was paid for by Hiroshi Osaka, who is totally not Hiroshi Okada.

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