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San Diego Drafts No One; Makes Crucial Move


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When the S69 draft began, a lot of people speculated who would be going first overall, a lot of people wanted to know who would walk away with the "best draft class" and who would have "the worst" and one team came to mind when it was thought to be the "worst" and that is San Diego. In their defense, they had traded themselves completely out of the S69 draft to compete in S68, and while that worked to a degree, allowing them to make the playoffs, they did in a way hurt their long-term success by having no one to draft in the most recent draft. Despite all of this, the team walked away with a decent core, one they could build on, but they were missing one crucial piece, a goalie. 


And so like any competent GM would do...San Diego set out to find one, and it didn't take them all that long. Just before the season began, they went out and traded for a goalie who last season was on the team and this season will take over the helm as the concrete starter. When asked about this move, their GM said this: 


"Yeah I couldn't be happier with the decision, he's active in training, he's constantly making progress, how could you not want a guy like that between the pipes?" 


More to this story will come when their new goalie makes their debut, which should be next set of games. 

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