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(S70) RW - Cameron Diekema, TPE: 30


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Just now, Cameron said:

Player Information

Username: Cameron

Player Name: Cameron Diekema

Recruited From: YouTube

Age: 19

Position: RW

Height: 71 in.

Weight: 189 lbs.

Birthplace: Canada


Player Page



Welcome to the league!


Let me know if you have any questions or need any help getting started!


You should check out our discord channel. Its super active and if you ever need any help its the quickest way to get it.



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Welcome to the league @Cameron !!!


I am GM of Mexico City Kings! I can offer you 3rd/4th line minutes with us!

You'll get lots of ice-time and will play with some of our top forwards - this means lots of points!

I'd love to have you on the squad. We're definitely going to compete this season and run for the cup.

If you want to join the Kings just quote this and say "Accept". 


Glad to have you around and let me know if you need anything in the meantime :)

- Motza

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Hey @Cameron! Welcome to the VHL! Halifax 21st GM here!


We're coming off back to back Founder's Cup semi-finals appearances and we're looking to go for it again this season. I can offer you a top 9 role for sure, but the league has evolved quite a bit so if you keep growing in tpe, I might sneak you into our top 6, so it isn't out of the question that you become our star defender if you put in the work. Even if you stay in the top 9, I will make sure that you get plenty of time on the ice with time potentially with powerplay and penalty kill minutes! We have a whole bunch of new, active members, loaded into a team Discord server, all of whom would be happy to help you out with getting to know your way around the site (granted I know you've been around but there has been a lot of visual changes!). We're a 7th year expansion team, who has had nothing but success in a league that is generally hard to win in for back to back seasons. The only thing we have yet to do is capture our first cup! You could help us there. You would really improve our team and I'd love to have you along.


The team also will be participating in some extracurricular activities, including a drawful game nights! But if I had to pick three things that this team is good at doing it would be winning, helping each other out wherever we can, and most importantly having fun! So what do you say? Want to be a member of the 21st? To accept this offer just quote the post and say "accepted", although whether you choose us or not, I wish you the best of luck in your career! ;)

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Hey @Cameron 


For all new players there is a Personalized Graphic Reward at 100 TPE and 150 TPE! You can read more about it here: Personalized Graphic Incentive Program. And as a S70 you will claim here: CLAIM THREAD!


Good luck with your new player, keep earning TPE to get these rewards!

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