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Gregg Stallion Adopts a Beluga Whale


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“I have always wanted to be unique in everything that I did.” Stallion told reporters on a Vancouver pier from his boat. “So when I heard about the controversy involving the aquarium here and how they were not able to keep whales and dolphins because that’s considered ‘inhumane’ I decided to do something for those poor creatures." In one hand Stallion held a bottle of Whiskey and in his other he had a massive leash that went off the side of the boat and descended into the depths of the water.



The Vancouver aquarium had originally planned on releasing the animals back into the ocean, but when they realized they could make a big profit by selling these animals for private use they quickly jumped on the opportunity much to the annoyance of PETA and other protesters. Many rich moguls quickly jumped at the opportunity to have a pet whale or dolphin and within minutes nearly all of the animals had been released from the horrible aquarium conditions to far worse conditions in the homes of the 1%.



All that was left was a beluga whale who had lost both of its fins in a tragic accident when it was a child and accidentally put into the shark tank instead of the Beluga one. The aquarium had rather cruelly decided to name him Stubbs but for some reason no one wanted to adopt Stubbs. That was until Gregg Stallion caught wind of Stubbs and his inspirational story.



“It brought me to tears to read about what Stubbs had overcome in his life. Learning to swim without fins, I couldn’t imagine, I just want to give him a safe home where he wont have to live in fear of the tragedy happening again.” Stallion told the reporters while tossing some fish over to his side for Stubbs to chow down on.



On the other side of the bay a group of protesters were chanting and accusing Stallion of animal cruelty. “If only Stubbs could speak, he’d say how happy he was with me.” Stallion said smiling with pride at his humanitarian side. He drove away on his boat with Stubbs by his side, of the places that Stubbs could have went it definitely could have been worse.



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