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  1. 1) What's the plan for your player going forward? I want to grow in my finesse with the puck and be more elusive and better positioned, I can shoot well but if I am in garbage spots those shots mean nothing 2) If you was to make a show using players on the team who'd be in it and what kind of show would it be? Honestly with how crazy and wild this group is I think it should just be a reality show 3) what kind of music do you use to pump yourself up before the game. Usually massive orchestra, get me in the zone 4) the season is nearly over. What do you exp
  2. 1) We're getting near the trade deadline and we're in a good spot for the playoffs. So what is one type of player we should look into bringing in to make us surefire contenders? Do we even need to bring anyone in? -I honestly do not think we need anyone else, we are already pretty full up and battling for ice time 2) If you could upgrade one stat by 10 points what would it be and why? -I would throw scoring up from 99 to 109 for sure, break the system 3) Do you think your player is playing to the best of their ability? Why is this? -I have been pointless for the last 10 g
  3. 1) Who's equipment smells the worst? Easily Griff's. I don't think that they have ever been cleaned before, it just sits in his stall waiting for the next game 2) who's the most likely to get lost on a road trip? Me if there are bars around with somewhat cheap alcohol in them 3) Who's the biggest Nerd on the team? Emi for sure, I have seen her jersey and team concepts, big brain 4) who's the most likely to become a politician on the team? Su because he is great and if I am willing to follow and listen to him almost anybody should be able to 5) What show
  4. Gregg Stallion’s life revolves around two things: hockey and alcohol. When he isn’t playing hockey, he is drinking something alcoholic. When he is not drinking alcohol that must mean he is doing something hockey related. This goes beyond the day and into the night where these two passions permeate every essence of him even in his dreams. One such night Stallion dreamed about a team. A dream team if you will and on that team was a cast of characters that encompassed his two passions in life. Stallion dreamed about a team, The Booze Valley Pale Whales. They
  5. Coming to a theatre near you: The story of a man whose blood alcohol concentration is consistently hovering at the .60% mark. A man who defied every obstacle put in his way by an oppressive society who wished to hide his talent. A man who would single-handedly unite a nation and tear down all barriers that divided people. The Revolution on Ice. The Story of Gregg Stallion. (Written and Directed by Gregg Stallion.) Set in a dystopian Belgium where everyone must farm flaxseed or die. One man would dare to question the authority of this corrupt government. Hi
  6. 2020 bringing us an Eli redemption arc
  7. 1) What would you say is an area you need to improve on as a player? -Need to be willing to sacrifice the body for the team 2) How do you measure a successful season? -Depends on how my team finishes 3) would you rather win a cup on a team with a dead locker room or almost win on a team with an active locker room. -I love the locker room but the cup is everything 4) Outside of Hockey, do you watch any other sports? -I am big into water polo 5) Who are some players you look up too? -Those taller than me 6) You have to cut one player from your t
  8. 1. What do you think the key to our good start to the season is? -Everyone bought into what we were doing, there was no me first play, we were a team 2. Who do you think the stand out of the team will be this season? -Spyro is finally getting the respect he deserves so I’m going to say Su, he’s a legend already 3. Who do you think will win rookie of the year? -one of our young pups 4. Do you think we can make the playoffs this season? -Oh yeah, it’s making it deep that I’m focussing on 5. Who do you see being a future leader in the locker room? -Su for sure
  9. G-Jimmy Spyro D-Roque Davis @Matmenzinger
  10. F-Patrick Tallinder F-Lewis Dawson @Matmenzinger