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The Future of bigAL Enterprises


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bigAL is *so hot* right now; everyone wants a piece of him.

First-gen agent bigAL has had a field day managing the antics of Groovy Dood since his arrival in the VHL. This singular focus on hockey operations meant that other talents signed by bigAL – notably those playing in the EFL – were left more-or-less on their own. The colossal failure of bigAL Enterprises’ expansion into other sports only reinforced the notion that it’s better to go deep into one league than to spread yourself thin across multiple businesses.


With that laser-focus on hockey in mind – and the S74 trade deadline just around the corner – it’s worth exploring the next generation of bigAL sponsored hockey players. Disclaimer: the following players are all currently active in minor hockey. These are kids we’re discussing. They may or may not ever make it to the bigs, or play professional hockey at all. But they’re signed by bigAL Enterprises, and that gives them a leg up on the competition. Expect these kids to make the VHL, with the caveat that scouting six seasons in advance leaves lots of room for growth and turbulence.


Without further ado, let’s meet the little bigALs!


Biggly Alberto
Biggly Alberto
Age: 12
Nationality: Italy
Position: G

First up is Biggly Alberto. Alberto hails from the Alps in Italy, where his youth was spent frolicking in the winter wonderland of the mountains. Biggly’s father, Tino, played semi-professional football for the local club, and hoped his son would follow in his footsteps. Biggly, much to the chagrin of his father, went with the more expensive and more dangerous sport of hockey. Not content to give his father a single shock of grey hair, the young lad also chose the most expensive and most dangerous position to play in hockey. The little goaler found he had a knack for stopping projectiles during the epic, full-day snowball wars waged by the local mountain kids. Alberto would dress up in his puffiest parka, his slipperiest shoes, and his safest scarf to charge into battle. He was often the oldest kid in the wars, and saw himself as a big brother to the rest of his army. This protective instinct led to one of the most creative battle plans ever seen in snowball warfare. Conventional strategies include trying not to get hit by chunks of flying snow and ice, but Biggly Alberto was not a conventional little Italian boy. Alberto realized that his sharp reflexes, high pain tolerance, and overall disregard for his own well-being could be harnessed in a way that guarantees victory for his snowball fight squad. He played goalie, and wouldn’t let any snowballs get past him and hurt his lil’ buddies.

Watch for Biggly Alberto in the S80 VHLM Dispersal Draft.


Big ol’ Alamo
Big ol’ Alamo
Age: 12 ½
Nationality: Texan
Position: F

Yeeeeeeehaw! Big ol’ Alamo is one of the more exciting prospects in the bigAL stable. Alamo grew up in south Texas on a big beef farm. Since the tender age of five, Big has been BIG for his age. While not cognitively advanced enough to do so, Big ol’ Alamo skipped kindergarten completely. This was only because there was no blanket big enough for him to nap on in his small rural school. His school peewee football coach noticed the boy with the oversized frame, the beard, and the temper tantrum rage of a toddler, and immediately foresaw stardom. Big ol’ Alamo didn’t get much in the way of schooling once his athletics coaches got a hold of him. His football coach used Alamo as an aggressive linebacker; when Big ol’ got mad at an opposing quarterback, no one in the U10 football league could stop this hyper-aggressive six year old linebacker from scoring his sacks. Unfortunately for his minor football coach, a freak medical condition ended Big’s football career before the age of eight. Sometime during the offseason, Big ol’ Alamo developed a severe allergic reaction to heat. He couldn’t physically withstand the grueling demands of football in the hot Texan sun. The Alamos searched for another outlet for Big ol’s perpetual tantrums, and discovered the great sport of ice hockey. Alamo joined his local house league team, and within one season, was playing on the top line for his county’s travel team. Big ol’ Alamo has been delivering crushing hits, protecting his star linemates, and keeping the puck away from his goalie in minor tournaments all over Texas.
Watch for Big ol’ Alamo to punch in and punch up at the S80 VHLM Dispersal Draft.


Biggio Alomar
Biggio Alomar
Age: 13
Nationality: Dominican Republic
Position: F

Biggio Alomar is another client who hails a less-traditional hockey market. Born in a small Haitian village near the Dominican border, Alomar was destined for a life of poverty. His parents worked long, grueling hours harvesting sugar cane, and had little to provide for their son Biggio. Until he was old enough to work, Biggio spent his days playing with the other boys. These kids played every game under the sun, but all of them dreamed of being recruited to a Dominican baseball academy. One by one, as his peers showed talent in one or two of the five tools, the scouts would come calling and the boys would be whisked off across the border in hopes of becoming a rich American baseball player. Every kid with big-league aspirations had some sort of baseball skill they could take to the bank. Any kid under 12 who had any sort of pitching skill was scooped up quickly, but that wasn’t Biggio. The kid who could sprint across the gravel outfield and make diving catches was courted by multiple teams. Biggio Alomar had a very specific skillset: he could absolutely crush pitches that were below the strike zone. To any other player, a ball thrown at the shins would be just that: a ball. But Biggio would windup and take a big vertical cut, smashing the ball with precision and power rarely seen outside of the strike zone. Pitchers kept pitching him lower and lower, hoping that Alomar would chase bad pitches and fly-out to the fielders, but it didn’t happen. Eventually, Biggio Alomar’s hottest hitting zone was down around his ankles. Scouts from the big leagues discounted him, because his very specific skillset was really no use in competitive baseball. However, the Toronto Blue Jays saw Biggio swinging the bat and put a call into a friend at the Greater Toronto Hockey League. GTHL scouts showed up to Alomar’s next game. Where the MLB scouts saw Biggio hacking and chasing balls that shouldn’t be swung at, the minor hockey scouts saw a kid rocketing slapshots 300 feet and over the fence. Where the baseball minds saw an undisciplined base runner who was tagged out a lot, the hockey people saw an aggressive player who wasn’t shying away from body contact. The very next week, Biggio Alomar and his whole family were on a plane to Toronto, Canada, to start their new lives as a hockey family.

Catch Biggio Alomar knocking goals out of the park in the S80 VHLM Dispersal Draft.



1200 words. Claimed for Theme Week, week of August 16, and week of August 23



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Big Al, great work from you! I love big articles and you brought it all out. I love this way of using theme week and liked how you gave even 3 promising players, that you could choose. A lot of 12 year old huh. I would have loved for you to use some pictures, because it would make this more lively. Sometimes sentences repeated, but it's fine, I do it even more. ? All in all, loved the article, continue the fine work.



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