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Possible VHLM Playoff Picture


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:vhlmlogo:VHLM Playoff Picture:vhlmlogo:


With only a few days remaining in the VHLMs Seventy-Third Regular Season, the playoff picture is slowly starting to settle itself. Today we’ll take a quick look at some of the possible match-up for the Season Seventy-Three VHLM Playoffs.


:mia::hou::osl:(1) vs (8) – Miami/Houston/Minnesota vs Philadelphia::phi:

Miami is currently holding down the First Overall spot in the VHLM by only three points, and the Houston Bulls have one game in hand on the Marauders. Minnesota also has a chance to finish in a tie for First Place as well this season. Unfortunately for Philadelphia, no matter who faces off against the Reapers this off-season, it is likely going to be a fairly easy task for Miami, Houston or Minnesota. Predication Miami/Houston/Minnesota in a sweep.


:mia::hou::osl:(2) vs (7) – Miami/Houston/Minnesota vs Saskatoon::ssk:

Again deepening on the outcome of the remaining games for the Marauders, Bulls and Storm one of them will slide into the number two spot to take on the Saskatoon Wild. So far in the Season Seventy-Three regular season, the Wild are a combined 3-12-1 against the three clubs they may face in the Quarter-Finals, something that doesn’t bode well for the Wild heading into those possible match-ups. Although anything can happen in a four game series, we don’t foresee this going past five. Prediction: Miami/Houston/Minnesota in five games.


:mia::hou::osl:(3) vs (6) - Miami/Houston/Minnesota vs Las Vegas::veg:


With the top three teams still jockeying for position, again any one of the big three in Miami, Houston or Minnesota will be taking on the Aces in Round One. A first round playoff series against Las Vegas might be where the top teams are hoping to stay away from, as Las Vegas has played Miami, Houston and Minnesota tough this year, especially against the Bulls, where the Aces have split the season series at four win each. Prediction: Miami/Houston/Minnesota in six games.


:ott:(4) vs (5) – Ottawa vs San Diego::sdm:


This might be the best match-up of the First Round, heading into the playoffs at least. Ottawa and San Diego have identical records after seventy games this season, both sporting a 50-18-2 record. Not only do they have identical win loss records on the season, the two franchises are separated by ten goals for and two goals against on the season. This series might come down to who gets the home ice advantage during the seven games. Prediction: Ottawa in seven games.

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