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Minner Minute Episode 9: Week of August 30, 2020


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Welcome back everyone, to another episode of Minner Minute. Here, I will attempt to answer your fan-submitted questions in a minute or less. I'm your host, Drew Minott, let's get started!


Submitted by User: SkyHye: Hey Minner, this season has obviously been siginifigantly better than last season. What do you feel has changed in order for the team to find success this season?


Well I feel the answer to this is fairly obvious. We've thrown together an amazing group of people this season. Not to discount the folks from last year, but you can't argue that the team from last year is better than this year's. We just didn't have the numbers or talent last year to put up a fight. This year, however, we've added almost an entire team to our roster, with mostly Knighty, Grapey, and myself being the ones that were leftover from the dismantling of last year's team. I feel that this year's team not only has the skill, but has the personalities to find success. 


Submitted by User: WikiFiki: Hey Minner, in your off time, what kinds of things do you like to do? 


Well, I'm a bit of a nerd. I like to play a lot of video games, I like to read, and I like to write. I'm kind of a weeb, though to be fair half our team is. I've been playing Civ6 on my laptop when we're on the road, and when I'm home I'll play games like Persona 5, SCP: Secret Lab, and Rust. I also enjoy cooking a lot, I've actually received culinary training back in my highshool days and want to open a restaurant after my playing days are over. 


Thank you for coming to this week's episode. I'm glad that you decided to join me this week. Leave some questions down below for next week's episode, and goodbye!

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