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End of season


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 The s73 season of the VHLM has ended and the playoffs are about too start, I ended the season at 140 points with 36 goals and 104 assist which is just crazy too me. After my first two seasons with the bulls I didn't think i would have the jump that I had in terms of point production, I definitely had an explosive start at the start of the season which got me the huge lead in points along with the power play being a strong factor in how Houston won our games and out of 36 of my goals 21 of them were on the power play, just one being team mate Christian Mingle who had 22. I definitely slowed down as the season went on but by that time plenty of others kept going or started finding there game, along on the defense Schauer ended up with was second in points for defense men with 109, 24 goals and 85 assists and to me was the on of the biggest factors towards the end of the season in us placing first in our conference and second in the league. Being first in our division we will be playing Saskatoon and with two games already finished before i started typing they are down 2-0. Going into the play offs we should be able to make the finals and if i had to guess it will be against Miami, but up to that point it will be battle to be fought. The team is full with great players that can get the job done and i know we can do it

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