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  1. 14 years holy, happy birthday vhl
  2. f - Robert bouchard @GustavMattias
  3. D - Battre Sandstrom D - Riley Knight Gee @Frank
  4. F- Dominic gobiel g - grekarkk gyrfalcon @Frank
  5. 1) Helsinki 2) i did not 3) for everything he did there he should be suspended into the play offs 4) fuck yea 5) sj sharks 6) baseball
  6. 1) 7/10 i dont usually have stuff to add to the conversations going on or there usually when im at work. 2) in case of us im not sure what we'd need to get, started off strong but now our slump is kinda dragging on 3) he will probably help them out a bit, but still waiting to see whos stupid enough to offer him money lol 4) leafs, added alot oof depth and guys they can stick in the top 6 that will help out 5) tink 6) they shouldnt remove it, i think removing it would follow up with more dirty shit in the game which fights kinda works as a were even
  7. 1) before the pro-am tourney started up when i was in the M it definitely took awhile especially when you didn't make it into the play offs, but with the tourney it speeds up the off season. 2) has to be marchand, but the biggest piss off is if he wasn't so dirty he'd be a more enjoyable to with and im sure his stats would show it. 3) i dont know what either is and i honestly dont remember the convo lol 4) got my ass kicked a bunch during the season so im starting to train more to get my strength up, hopefully it helps 5) as long as it doesnt take time out of hockey and tr
  8. 1) good offense is fun to watch but having the better defense usually ends up in more wins 2) it sucks to lose woody but Gyrfalcon and jungkok have been a big improvement to our team so it works out 3) two or three for me lol 4) hes having a crazy year and a big reason for our success this season, for sure hes getting over 100 points 5) 1973 dodge charger 6) phone charger
  9. 1) chocolate milk 2) were doing a lot better then i expected we would be, thought we'd be worse this season and do better next one as rookies grow 3) one of the older members of the team and has been one of the best for the organization, leads us on and off the ice. 4) warrior equipment are the most comfortable for me 5) monster season i had in the vhlm lol 6) not a rule but they should be punished for doing shitty stuff after games are done
  10. 1) last season we started out pretty good until we dropped off. this season though the games have been ours to win so hopefully we can keep going 2) falling towards someone towards the board, didn't mean to but he got hurt pretty bad 3) think both teams won of laine re-signs, but i think Winnipeg won overall trading away a guy that wasnt gonna play and highly doubted that laine signed another contract there 4) not lately no 5) doug glatt the goon, might ducks can suck it lol 6) plain and simple i just liscen too music, dont need to do anything else