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  1. 1) Prague Phantoms 2) Rose of Laine 3) haven’t really token a look at the players in the vhl 4) being able to take criticism and learn from it 5) I’ve been listening to Ivan B a lot recently 7. we were missing a top scorer this season while waiting for Laine to grow, along with a goalie
  2. @GustavMattias This guy too whenever he pops into the discord to talk, and whatever the fuck his pic is, its great
  3. Season 71 - PT1 In this i will be talking about the Positive moments and players from when i first signed with the Houston Bulls and recapturing the moments that made it great and fun even through the losses. I'll be talking about the players on the team and where they ended up at the start of S72. Gregg Stallion: A player born out of Belgium standing at 6'0" signed with the Houston Bulls as a right winger near the start of the season. Throughout the season Stallion became a star player for the Bulls putting up 44 goals and 51 assists fora total of 95 points, from start to finish Gregg was a monster on the ice, but not just on the ice off the ice too getting into trouble on the streets and in bars. Off the ice he may and been a crazy drunk causing mischief and put the Houston Bulls Manager Sonnet in debt for years to come with his habits even managing to cost him money playing on the European team , he was the best at turning our losses into wins with his crazy antics and being able to turn the mood around in the locker room. Near the end of the season the Bulls almost made it into the play offs and he was a huge part of the run, rallying up his team for it but coming up short. The season after we would see Stallion being drafted at 15th overall to the the Vancouver Wolves, and for the VHLM dispersal daft to the Las Vegas Aces Where he put up 48goals and 58 assist for a total of 107 points, even making playoffs with the team which is still ongoing. On a more personal note it was a joy being on the team with @SweatyBeaver not just for his entertaining stories (they were all great) but also helping me and other new members on the team out when needing it. It was a pleasure sir good luck with the Vancouver Wolves. John Poremba: American born goaltender signed with the Houston Bulls at the beginning of the season a played the full season with the team. Porembas number aren't the best but playing a bottom team that scraped for the play offs it's not that surprising, with 18 wins and 48 losses John was the backbone that kept Houston in the running for play offs and you could see the improvement he made to his game without the help he deserved. Just like me @CrlineDijohn14 may not have gained as much as he could have but continued to earn the minimum he could, talked and joked with the rest of us and helping out where he could. The off season seen John getting drafted 31st overall to the Calgary Wranglers, and 34th overall to the Philadelphia Reapers along with Houston Teammate Jer Lefebvre. Playing with the Reapers was definitely beneficial to John, with 50 wins and 14 losses, a huge reason for the Reapers making it onto the play offs. Jer Lefebvre: Fellow Canadian born center man, standing 6' 3" joined the Houston Bulls later into the season playing 38 games and getting 5 goal and 14 assist. Being a late joiner on a bad team there wasn't much expected from the newcomer but he didn't let that hold him down and as the season went on he continued to grow and be a presence on and off the ice, hes a great player to have and an even better teammate in the locker room with his positive attitude even in the losses. Along with others Lefebvre joined in the fun that was Stallions antics and became a main presence on the team. Following S71 Jer was drafted by 23rd overall by the HC Davos Dynamo and along with other Houston teammates to the Philadelphia Reapers 19th overall. His season with the Reapers has been a great one with almost recording 100 point season at 91 points, 29 goals and 62 assist, Jer has shown how much he has grown from the start, and form my short time with the Reapers earned himself being name the assistant captain on the team which was more then earned. Honestly cant wait to see what @Jer_Lefebvre do great in the play offs, he was a great teammate in Houston and was always fun and positive in the Houston discord, hope you guys win the play offs. And lastly @Sonnet, I'm honestly glad I decided to sign with the first person that offered after my initial remake player, allowing me to play under him. I'm sure i would have gotten the same experience where ever I signed but glad it was Houston. From the beginning he's done everything a gm should do and as a player everything you could hope he would be, he's almost every question i have had and even the times he didn't he doesn't seem to hesitate to find the answer, at least to me anyway. Hes made my little time in the VHL easy and simple, welcoming to the environment of the league being a great leader overall. I can honestly say Sonnets been the biggest inspiration to stay in the league making it enjoyable for me week to week in the discord, keeping me interacted with the team going along with @SweatyBeaver stories with questions in the pressers and in the discord it was the season of 'drinks on Sonnet', its made my time fun and enjoyable, easy to navigate the league, how to earn to make growth in my player when I decide to earn for him. All around hes been amazing to my knowledge of the league, makes being in the discord enjoyable whether it be conversing or helping you with problems you may have, thanks bud. To summarize, @SweatyBeaver Frickin Hilarious bud, great reads to get a laugh, and still managed to cost Sonnet money playing for Europe in the wjc, @Jer_Lefebvre Great and positive guy who you want in the lr for his personality alone, @CrlineDijohn14 May not be the biggest earner but our time in Houston was fun when you were in the conversations, best guy, @Sonnet Best (1031 words, Will claim for two weeks when the next season starts if I Can, and whenever we find out it starts.
  4. 1) for what it was the team improved once the rookies started to show some growth 2) they all have a lot of potential and the one I see getting drafted earlier the expected would be Laine 3) I’m back again for another year so it’s all staying in there 4) I haven’t played with them yet they all seem pretty cool 5) not sure 6) even though I would have had a chance to win in philly I’m glad I asked for the trade back, getting to meet new faces that made this loading year fun was nice, Rose is staying in the line up for next season so that’s great, but really sucks that sonnets leaving as he was the main reason for asking the trade.
  5. I check online every couple hours when I have time and browse through the forum
  6. 1) goalie growth and the growth of younger players are certainly helping 2) we need to do more offensively so it’s not just the. Tearing him up 3) Houston has quite a few picks into the next draft, hopefully the new gm will be willing to get them back 4) hopefully not dead last 5) didn’t even know I was, I’ll try to beat it next season 6) I can certainly see All of them going further the projected
  7. 1) since he’s joined we haven’t been having big losses and as he grows he’ll get better 2) I don’t mind it, Laines good shit 3) logos look cool 4) just need to be able to score and shoot more 5) honestly don’t think even with a trade we’d make play offs, our time is next season 6) we’ve been making our losses smaller so we’re. It just getting trashed every game
  8. 1) sucks for me, the only reason I came back was to play for sonnet 2) don’t think I’ll be doing one 3) as Laine continues to grow he’ll be a monster to deal with 4) hopefully not lol 5) pretty good take on what happened 6) don’t have anyone in mind
  9. Transaction id: 60N51051L0737005T Confirmed. -sterling