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Long time no see I guess?


Well, this won’t be a typical ECN post as this is just an opinion piece, a piece where I will talk about things I care in VHL, VSN and content coming soon from ECN!


We can first talk about something that is and has been extremely important for me for quite some time. And that is VHLM. I don’t think I will go much into detail about ways how to run a team and be a good VHLM GM but I will tell you guys one thing - unless a team has 20 active players, they should be putting up waiver claims and doing their best to get new players that are just joining our league on their team. It is as simple as that. Sometimes you have to release a 130 TPE drafted inactive just to get a spot for a newcomer but that is your job and don’t forget about it. 


VSN. I really love that place and I truly believe that under their new Editor-in-chief, VSN will flourish and become exactly what it should be. For me, well, I am finally going to come out here and talk about the reasons why I am here and not at the helm of VSN. First, I think that my time was coming to the end anyway, I was not feeling good because I thought I was just not doing enough and for me, it is hard because if I do something, I want to do it at my possible best. I started feeling like that last off-season but I thought that it was because of my health, job and education were putting a lot of pressure on me but now, after some time spent away, in my countryside home I just understand that my heart was just not in it and it was time for a change. Second, my mental health has been declining steadily for the past 5 years, have been trying to hide here and in RL but I feel that at this point I am starting to lie to myself and I don’t like that. I just need to stay low and be there for my team and people I really enjoy being around in VHL. VSN was a lot of stress that I feel I can do without. Thanks, personally to people on VSN and people who trusted I could do it, from Commissioners to Bana who was my partner for the first few months. 


And now to the last thing, what is going to be this ECN thing again?

Well, I am going to do my best to give out quick and easy information about VHLM/VHL, maybe have a cool interview and in the end, just return to my old ways. Weekly articles and more active Frostbeard on our forums. Also, in the off-season, I might be coming out with an article that has been long forgotten, maybe some of you remember my VHLM GM rankings? Yes, they are coming back. Still going to keep everything straight to the point as I believe we already have a great news source in VSN and I am just here to throw some of my own thoughts on the paper.


In the end, I would like to say thanks to everyone who actually spent time reading through it and I hope you all will have a brilliant Sunday and I will see you soon! 

Brought to you by Frostbeard Entertainment!

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