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The Hockey Express - Lee Xin


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Hello from The Hockey Express! I'm Amy and today we're back with another interview with Ottawa RW - Lee Xin. Lee's team has been eliminated from the playoffs and part of this interview was done after and before the elimination. So let's go!!!



How do you feel about the ‘slump’ you had to end the season? Your agent seems not too worried about it.

Erm, yeah… It took me some time to get over it. I was confused at first, like why would my ice time drop so much? I’ve been producing but maybe not consistently, is that why? I asked many questions, talked to Blazzer about it. He’s really calm and that has helped. I realised that since Ottawa traded for Jeremy and Weiss, they’ve been slotted in and hence dropped my ice time. However, they are better earners and player than I am right now so I definitely need to accept it. I’m still proving myself and next season is going to be my season! 

Many of your teammates will be departing to the VHL, who has made a huge impact on you?

Hmm, so many great people in the locker tbh. Gumballs will definitely be one of them. He’s a great teammate, like the VGK Nate Schmidt you know. Talkative, active and a hella good prankster! His guaranteed a jump to the VHL and I can’t be happier for him. Lexi too, she’s been my friend since Mississauga and I’ll be looking forward to the draft and see her get picked by a great team where she’ll spend many seasons there. Dok and Spyro has helped me a lot with my build. They’re my teammates too cause we’re on the same team, they’re on management and I’m on the ice.  



Post G5 interview:


What are your thoughts on this game and the entire playoffs?

We tried our best but the trying always isn’t enough. We must be the best in the series. I am disappointed with myself and its sad. We came here to win but instead we got out butt’s kicked. We know and can be better. But there are some guys that has been great in the playoffs like Kisslinger and Dayne. Many of us have expressed frustrations through interviews and sadly I'm going to be one of them. It's hard on us mentally when we had 100+ pts in the regular season.

What are your plans for S74?

Staying in the M, most likely. I’m not ready to move on, haven’t capped, haven’t had a dominating season. The VHLM is a developmental league and I haven't developed much so staying here is a wise choice. Personally, I want to help the Lynx win and this team has been tight and some of them are moving on so.. I want to be able to lead this team. 


That's all the time we have today and I would like to wish Lee all the best in his career moving forward. Hope to catch you guys again, bye! 


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