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Washington, D.C. -- If there's one word that defenseman Lance Flowers would describe his first season as a Dragon, it's "average." After seemingly every win, the Dragons follow it up with a loss. Flowers isn't putting up poor stats, but he's not on any leaderboards either. And the team seems to be relatively coasting along, currently sitting third in North America but only by one point.


"I think we're still getting settled in a bit, and that means some inconsistency," Flowers said. "I'm still not backing off that I think this team can win a title. But it's clearly taking some growth to get there."


That back-and-forth trend started in the very first two games of the season: The Dragons won 3-0 over a strong Helsinki Titans team, only to follow it up with a 5-2 loss against the Seattle Bears. In fact, it's become a running joke in the Dragons locker room that every two games are destined to end 1-1, come hell or high water.


But the upcoming stretch offers a chance for the Dragons to break out. They play three straight games against second-year expansion teams coming up, as well as in four of their next six. If the Dragons are able to take, say, 9 or 10 points during that stretch, it could put them right back on track to being a serious contender.


"And I think I need to step up my own play," Flowers added. "I've been doing solidly offensively and defensively, but I always think I can be doing more. Now's the time to prove it."

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