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(S75) G - Nicolai Vasolevsky, TPE: 66


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Welcome to the league!


I'm Rory, the AGM of the Mexico City Kings and we can offer you backup games for our squad. We are in a surprise playoff battle and could use players just like you to bolster the squad and improve our chances. On top of that we have a great locker room that is extremely active and can help you become the best possible player you can be.


To accept this offer, just quote the post and say "acepto ?" to Become Royalty! 

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Hey there! Welcome to the league! I'm Hatter, AGM for the Minnesota Storm. Last season we won the Founder's Cup, but have lost a few players to graduation! So, we are looking to sign some waiver players to fill out our roster, and would love to have you join us :) We can offer you our backup slot at the moment. I also should say that both I and Rayzor, our GM, have goalies and have been some of the most decorated goalies in the VHL over the last 6 seasons; we can help you make sure your build is perfect ;)  




Feel free to listen to offers, and I hope your time here at the VHL is fantastic! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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I am the GM of the Houston Bulls. Right now we have our starting goalie but if you want to be our backup goalie we would love to have you. If earn decently our Starting Goalie has already stated that he is willing to give his backup more thats that normally a backup would get. The reason we can do this is simple our team is not very good right now. But we are in a rebuilding year and honestly some playing time is better than none. Also know that this offseason you will be able to be drafted by every VHLM team out there so there is no risk to join our team. If you are interested in joining our team quote this message and say you want to be a Bull. Note that I will have a couple pending backup goalie spots so if someone else agrees first I am sorry, but I am only allowed to have 2 goalies total. Have a great day.


- rjfryman GM of the Houston Bulls.

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