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Howling with Wolves Pt. One : Are You Louth Enough?


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Howling with Wolves Pt One : Are you Louth Enough?


Fans all over the VHL just cannot get enough of the Vancouver Wolves. The team is flashy, teaming with talent and dripping with personality. Tonight, we have the lovely Venus Thightrap to answer a question that some rabid Vancouver fan have sent in. For the safety of the public we have filtered out some of the more questionable queries and decided on this one question for tonight.


Who would you say are your Vancouver heroes? Who did you look up to on the Wolves that inspired your game play style?


Beau and Brock Louth @Beaviss,


I think the most interesting thing I have personally discovered is that The Louth family not only has a long history of playing for the wolves but the family has also been involved with management for a super long time as well. Brock Louth is currently 3rd in the team’s history for points and assists in the regular season. Brock can also boast being 2nd in penalty minutes being one of the most willing players to get physical for his beloved wolves. There are 2 Louths that are in the top ten for hits, with Beau claiming 7th overall and Brock being at 2nd in yet another regular season stat. Funnily enough Beau Louth  who is  7th overall in regular season points is actually 5th in actual shots taken, showing that none of these Louth legacies ever laid back.  Brock The Beast Louth was also 3rd Overall in shots blocked for the wolves and if that doesn’t say much…. He was 5th in game winning goals. If you really want to see clutch though you should look at Beau’s game winners, since he is in the number 2 slot. If none of this can convince you to love on a Louth I don't know what could, but if you like loyal talented players that are difference makes, then maybe you should look up to a Louth too.

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14 hours ago, Beaviss said:

I love fluff articles! Ill take them whenever I can :) 


It's not fluff I did research and i rarely do research, if you want a fluff piece I can write about how we all went to a bar and rode a mechanical bull... talk about which one of us lasted the longest lol.

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