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$44/HR, to write this on Toilet


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When you gotta take care of business while at work, it’s always a great piece of information in the back of your mind knowing that you’re also being rewarded for it. This moment, it’s even better as I am getting done so much needed league writing to complete this weeks TPEEEEE duties. Onto the 3 points now to bang out word count..


  • Calgary and Warsaw made a trade. On the surface it looks like a good deal for Warsaw and and Okay one for Calgary without digging too deep. Dredge is an okay player and Mitchell is a good player and a sweet member. Calgary does get back some pieces that are a tad weaker but still good to replace them. Warsaw gets a lower pick to select GM player and Calgary climbs up with a potential and likely lotto pick. Deal kinda makes sense both ways but can’t help but wonder if Calgary night trying selling off at deadline if they don’t start to rise in the standings.
  • I am 6 wins away from 1,000 in my GM career and 13 away from 1,007 which would put me at 1st all-time for most GM wins in league history. I did it all in one tenure so it feels a little more special knowing others had 2+ tenures to do it. Exciting times for me as GMing has always been my passion.
  • Bears continue to climb as I knew they would. We tend to like our slow starts in Seattle, however, after starting the season 6-7-4, we’ve improved since then going 15-3-2 or something like that. 

that is all I got time for. See you next week.






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