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  1. I'll turn it down a bit next time, sounds fine in my headset when I edit it.
  2. The city of Seattle can't control a crazed baby animal, but we'll call that doing it first, sure.
  3. WARSAW, POLAND - Crowds have been forming in the city centre outside of the Predators' arena for the past 12 hours. With free agency opening tomorrow, and talks that have already commenced, the city capitol of Poland is on the edge of their seat waiting to see what superstar Dakota Lamb does. When the VHL expanded into Poland just 3 seasons ago, some questioned whether or not the city would be able to support a VHL team with the fans. That has been proven and this city has become a fantastic fanbase and very passionate about their Predators. @dlamb was the player that started that excitement.
  4. *Week ending January 17* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE) 1. Big congrats to Malmo, how does it feel now that we lost to the cup champs in the playoffs? 2. Draft is in a few days, do you get excited even though you're not part of it? 3. We made a big trade bringing in Uhtred, are you happy to have another star forward up front? 4. With the roster pretty much set, how do you feel about Warsaw's chances next season? 5. What have you been up to with your time off in the off-season so far? 6. I know it's a joke about golfing after the playoffs, but do you play?
  5. *Week ending January 10* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE) 1. How are you coping thus far into the off-season, missing hockey already? 2. What kind of beverages you gonna enjoy the next few weeks? 3. How important is it that we lock up Lamb this off-season? 4. Who you cheering for in the cup finals? 5. Are you excited for NHL to start back up? 6. Who do you cheer for in the NHL? 7. Is there anybody in this upcoming S76 draft class you want to join the team? 8. It's a new year! Any resolutions for you?
  6. G'day VHL, hope everyone is going well today. First off I want to take a look at all the great work that VSN has been doing. Here is some of our recent work, check it out: Under 250 | VHLM Week 5 Power Rankings | The Talents Behind The Trophies | Vantage Point 2.0 This was an unplanned podcast just a couple hours before we were supposed to do an episode of 1.5 Aussies. Unfortunately things didn't work out and Berocka wasn't able to make it but luckily enough, @bigAL was more than happy to join me for the first real episode of The Bootcast. We had lots of laughs and fe
  7. *Week ending December 27* (6 questions for 2 TPE) 1. Playoff bound! How excited are you, for what is for most players on the team's first playoff experience? 2. How important is/was the bye when/if we get/got it? 3. Are you happy with the team's performance this year? 4. Are you happy with your individual performance this year? 5. What are you gonna do to pump up the locker room for playoff games? 6. If there's one thing you would change about the discord locker room, what would it be? 7. Are you gonna take on any superstitions for playoffs?
  8. 1. Hoop man been carrying us all season and will continue 2. Havlova running the offence 3. Pretty shit personally, team wise good 4. Davos is poop and Prague probably 5. I guess forward because no other option 6. Drinking
  9. Proof here for $90 CAD 2 uncapped tpe Free Week Raffles