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  1. *Week ending April 11* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE) 1. First in the league (as of writing), what’s got us to this point so far? 2. Currently we have 3 players in top 10 scoring (Lamb, Dear, Glass) and Uhtred just outside. How many do you think finish the season there? 3. There was a couple trades this past week, what are your thoughts on them? 4. Do you think the trade market remains active or does it die off as usual at deadline? 5. Seems as though there are too many players for teams and the league plans to do something about it. What would you do to solve thi
  2. *Week ending April 4* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE) 1. Warsaw is off to a good but not great start so far, how do you feel about the team performance thus far? 2. How do you feel about your individual performance? 3. Are there any other teams that have surprised you whether good or bad so far this season? 4. Who do you think is our biggest competition this year? 5. How important is it to upgrade Gino this year, or do you think we have a chance with no moves? 6. Do you have any plans for Easter this year? 7. What is your favourite chocolate egg?
  3. Lucky I didn’t get manager job whole group would be disqualified
  4. I was just taking the piss I don’t care who’s in it or what the bog does
  5. I bet there’s a BoG thread telling all members to assemble in this thread to defend the board. Look forward to not reading that in the next update
  6. *Week ending March 28* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE) 1. The season has finally begun! What are your predictions for the team this year? 2. What are your personal statistical goals for yourself this season? 3. Out of the bottom feeder teams for the past few seasons (Toronto, New York, LA, Davos, Riga) who do you think is mostly likely to make the playoffs? 4. Which team has you most nervous to match up against? 5. New season coming off a cup finals loss, are you changing anything in your routine or keeping it all the same? 6. Also new season, new music? Wha