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  1. Berocka and I podcasted again, check it out here

    1. Banackock


      Will listen tomorrow throughout my travels 🔥 

  2. Hello everyone! It's sure been awhile since @Berocka and myself have been able to podcast, but we were able to get together and record one and I couldn't be happier. In this episode we catch up, look at the start of the season and call out a GM. Then we have a bit of mod talk, explore a new VHL conspiracy theory and finally steal one of my personal topics and look at some VHL power moves. Thanks for listening and let us know what you think! We're hoping to continue podcasting going forward.
  3. As a hard hitting player in the VHL, I need the off season for my temple of a body to recover. I say we push it to a month for more time off.
  4. D - Aurelien Moreau @bukss_a Gonna make goalie pick now too since bukss already has one if that’s gravy G - Papa Emeritus Tag JB next @bukss_a
  5. Yeah it’s shit, 2/10 “I’m gonna have to wear boot socks” - how’d you get my socks? Turns press conference from a 1 min convo into 8 mins Agreed that podcast reviews should be worth more than 1 More tournaments sounds good Do you have covid mate? Coughing, sneezing and hiccuping Unprepared, 2/10 for real. Just begging to podcast with me again
  6. BEER COUNT: IIII II This was supposed to be the most researched mock draft of all time, but in classic Boot fashion this turned into getting pissed with next to no research. This podcast is a shit show and have no idea how it went an hour and a half, however; I did make 16 picks in the first round and recommend listening. I didn't meet how many beer I wanted to drink and maybe I'm slowing down with age, but still a good effort. If you have any suggestions, complaints or topics you want me to discuss, hit me up. Go here and ask questions for the podcast and earn TPE as a press conference! Cheers. I'm sure there's more but some tags for definite mentioned players:
  7. Must be very nice to own a villa in Hawaii
  8. Lot of F bombs in this one Big boss in Brisy drinking and driving, better be OAK Harder having English as your first language with slang than learning a new language… smart guy over here Digs at me were soft as you need to up your game if we’re gonna podcast together again
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