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  1. Chad Magnum @Kylrad @SirRupertBarnes Not sure if skipped again
  2. Damn 12 busts, takes me back to college years
  3. 1. Getting drafted of course, pretty self explanatory 2. Surprised that Thornton dropped so far to us, but a win regardless 3. Honestly could not tell you, seemed like a very deep draft with active players into the 3rd round 4. With my player? Would make him not be such a plug lol 5. Yeah talked a bit with jtv, Kyle and Byrne, seem like real good pickups 6. Not really sure what trades we made last season tbh, we got mongoose so can't complain
  4. Once you win 1 it’s all the same
  5. Latrell Mitchell has spent just 2 seasons in the VHL both with the Calgary Wranglers whom he was drafted to at 3rd overall. Both of these seasons have seen great team success with Calgary being the best regular season team in S72 and making it to the cup finals only to lose the Reign and losing in game 7 in the conference finals this past season. And while that team success has been good, it still hasn’t gotten us to the promise land that is a cup. Gm Jubis has continued to make moves so that we can continue to push for that much wanted championship and there is faith that we can get there, bu
  6. 1. Was brutal loss especially after being up 3-1 in the series. Seeing now how Seattle handled Helsinki we probably would have won the cup 2. Would have been nice for a new team to win but Seattle has lots of good guys 3. Draft has passed now but we got some great guys with our picks 4. Train a bit, get a bit better and hopefully come out stronger next year 5. Wouldn’t mind getting closer to that point per game mark but winning is always number 1 6. Been on horses my whole life, gonna call this new one Buck