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SITR: Rhynex Entertainment S75 Interview

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SITR: Rhynex Entertainment S75 Interview


Host: Thank you for tuning into VHL Network, Stick In The Rink! With S75 coming towards a closure, we come to you live in New York City, New York! Tonight, we have a special guest coming in. We have your very own VHL star of the New York Americans, Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment! Rhynex Entertainment is your S75 VHL Front runner Rookie of the Year candidate! Please welcome Rhynex Entertainment! (camera focuses on the audience showing a standing ovation, round of applause, and cheering. Rhynex Entertainment walks out from the backstage)


                Welcome Rhynex! Thanks for finding time to come in today!


Rhynex Entertainment: Thank you for having me! First time coming to this studio, much different from the one in Las Vegas!


Host: Of course! You're in the Big Apple now! (cheers from the audience) Shall we begin?


Rhynex Entertainment: Sure, of course.


Host: Perfect! Then let's start with your feelings toward your first taste of the VHL. How do you compare the VHL with the VHLM?


Rhynex Entertainment: The VHL is definitely the biggest stage I've played in. My experience at the World Juniors last season is nothing compared to here! I recall being able to compete with the best of them at the World Juniors and VHLM, even as a rookie in my first year in the VHLM, but I quickly found out the difference here in the VHL. It was a major thrill to be able to keep pace with the veterans in the early parts of the season, but quickly I found myself in an early-mid season slump and never getting back into the top 10 of the leader board standings! As I score at a point per game pace later in the season, I saw the true leaders and stars pulling further away with multiple points per games. It's a thrilling experience to be able to play against so many better players.


Host: You make it sound so simple and almost like you were enjoying the beatings you took out there! Our analysts showed that you got roughed up quite a bit this season. Not only were you hit 285 times during the season, but you also fought quite a bit in your early career! How do you feel about being the target of attention every night?


Rhynex Entertainment: It's great! Nothing like getting free press! I'm used to getting targeted. I was a live target even in the VHLM. Nothing new there. The fact that I'm taking that much attention from the opposing team means I'm doing something right. As long as I can produce then I don't see there being any wrong.


Host: It's not only you who took a beating out there. Your team also took a massive beating, losing left and right, finishing the season in last place! (the audience is being to jeer at the host as some Boos starting to erupt) How do you feel your team did? Anything you could have done more to have helped your team's standings?


Rhynex Entertainment: I'm not sure what you're talking about. And the fans here are certainly holding themselves back very well. But please calm down my friends! There's nothing for you to worry about! Everything was done according to plan! Your New York Americans are on the road the glory and the first step is the coming draft! Didn't you hear? Looks like we're picking first this time around! (Loud jeers quickly become loud cheers in the background audience)


Host: Of course! What are your off season plans to improve and help New York Americans out of the basement? You aren't planning to go on the backseat and hitch a ride on the @Tate train?


Rhynex Entertainment: To be honest, I haven't really seen Red Lite play, and I've never been the type of player who would look toward another player to lead. I'll do what I've always done and try to improve my game and help the Americans win. I've had a good offensive season, but I still have much to improve in my defensive game, so I'll probably start there.


Host: Good stuff! We are running out of time, are there any departing words for the fans out there?


Rhynex Entertainment:  Thank you for coming out to cheer for the Americans every night even when we are struggling out there! The future is looking BRIGHT! We are a very young team! Have faith in the process, we will dominate this league soon enough! (loud cheers and a standing ovation)


Host: There we have it! Rhynex Entertainment, everyone! Thank you for coming in, we hope to see you again!


(Word count 775)



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Review- WE GOT TATE BABY YEAHHH. But easy to to read and i liked the brackets for the audience and the feel of the interview felt good. Maybe add two/ three more questions next time or answer your side with longer sentences. Either way good read



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2 hours ago, Prout said:

Review- WE GOT TATE BABY YEAHHH. But easy to to read and i liked the brackets for the audience and the feel of the interview felt good. Maybe add two/ three more questions next time or answer your side with longer sentences. Either way good read



Haha Thanks @Prout! 9/10 is definitely too high of a mark! I would definitely have made it better if I wasn't procrastinating and rushing at the end. Did you see the time of submission 😅 literal last minute 💩 

On the side note, I will send over Qs shortly

Edited by Rhynex Entertainment
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