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Ok this will be quick but I just wanted to take my time as a first gen to thank everyone for all there help and support throughout my career down there. First and for most my gms for there help and support. I learned a lot from them both and can say I’m sad on the news announced today about @iRockstar.  He’s a great gm and i sincerely hope he gets a VHL gm role. I appreciate the team allowing me to wear the C this past season and I really wished we won it all as the team was purely special and I enjoyed every moment there and thankful for the memories 

i’m Thankful that I had a ton of support leading to my VHLM draft and thank anyone that’s help and was positive for me and making the live stream nice for my first time. I can say I’m lucky to have been picked first overall as a first gen

the VHL draft was something I was happy about. There was a lot of support and positivity for me. I’m grateful for everyone that’s helped me get to where I am. I’m blessed to learn a lot and understand this league and community as a whole. I’m going to continue to learn more each day.

ok im excited for my role in NYA and having that draft lotto win. It’s big positive step in a good direction I’m looking forward to being in the “big” leagues and seeing how well I do for the rest of my VHL career with Cowboy Prout 




Alright that’s enough for my ramble nothing special just a lil thank you and me moving up and ready to see how I do 


Cheers !

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