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#AsktheBouch: Founder Cup Finals


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With a quick round of the Conference Finals, we are once again sitting down with Robert Bouchard of the Philadelphia Reapers as they progress in the Founder Cup Play-offs and his VHL Rookie campaign.




So in the Conference Finals you played the San Diego Marlins and once again the series didn’t last very long, was this expected?


RB: Heck, No! They have a very good team and we expected this to go at least six or seven games. After the first two games it looked like we were going to go to war with them but luck bounced our way and Carson played amazing in the nets for us. We will take it knowing who we are playing next in the finals.




So with Mexico City Kings wrapping up their series the same day the finals for the Founders Cup is set, What do you expect?


RB: Very tough series as Mexico has been the best team in the VHLM for a reason this season and I thing they got the better of us in the head to head play as well so like last series it will come down to small details and likely who lose two games in a row first.




You have an interesting side story with you heading up against future teammate in Dominic Gobeil. Does this add any further motivation for the finals?


RB: No, This is a series based around two very good teams; not two players so no it doesn’t give me extra motivation to beat him as my focus will be on his team. That being said I might give him some extra shots in the corners if it comes to it but at the end he is a bit more physical player then I am so it wouldn’t be wise unless I had The Pope on the ice with me to poke at him too much.


I will buy him a drink regardless of how the series plays out during training camp next season in Prague but right now I am only focused on the Reapers and winning the Founders Cup; if that is on the cards.




What do you think will make the difference in the Finals between Mexico and Philadelphia?


RB: Depth is going to play a huge role as in every play-off series so far most of the top lines are cancelling each other out. This has allowed for some of our depth players to claim the spot light and great goaltending as always wins in the play-offs. We both have good tenders so it will be important to get on Emerson Jr early and often but that won’t be easy with the defense he has in front of him.




The series is expected to continue as we continue to follow the progress of Robert Bouchard and his Philadelphia Reapers as the progress in the VHLM play-offs in #AsktheBouch.


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