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Logan Moore: Suspicious Rumors.


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Hello hello, welcome you Wild Fans. We are here on the tonight show in Saskatoon with some INTERESTING NEWS to say the least. After the heartbreaking loss in the playoffs, Saskatoon remained positive and still congratulated the other team for their efforts. It was a hard fought series that sadly didn't go Saskatoon's way. The team still looked amazing on the ice, and they hope they can keep relatively the same team around next year. There's one player however that apparently didn't take it to well. 


Now, let me be straight with you guys. I love Logan, I love how he plays, how he acts, and the quiet but mean demeanor he resonates on the ice. But when I tell you that he says some pretty weird crap, I mean it. Logan Moore set up a livestream on Twitch where he played some video games for his 300ish viewers, and cancel culture got to him. On stream, they got a video clip out of context that had Logan Moore say, "GOD, I HATE THIS TEAM SO MUCH. ALL THEY DO IS PASS TO THE OTHER TEAM, AND ALWAYS LOOK ME OFF. I HOPE THEY TRADE ME. TRADE ME ALREADY YOU AWFUL GM!" Now, I know what you're thinking... but there's more to this story to what he said. 


After news of this clip came out, people were furious. People started writing long and boring tweets calling him out, people started putting up Logan Moore faces on their walls to throw knives at, and Vancouver fans weren't even involved and they felt like rioting. (Noted, that might just be because they're Vancouver) But Saskatoon's GM and Assistant GM came out with a press conference today shutting down all of the rumors. They had no evidence that Logan Moore was talking about them or something else, but they trusted that he wasn't directing that to the organization. 


Even after this people didn't believe it for one bit. Some people took the side of Logan Moore in this situation. People would write on signs "Body Check them into Hades." or "If I lived in Saskatoon, I'd want to tear some heads as well." Logan Moore has stayed relatively quiet in this debacle, only tweeting on social media a few times "lol" and "isn't this world such a happy and amazing place?" He found this whole thing hilarious. 


After about 4-5 days of constant back and forth, news broke out today. Logan Moore was proven innocent, and he didn't actually mean any of those words at all. As I mentioned before, he was saying all that when he was on a livestream. Guess what he was stream...? NHL 21. That's right everyone, this whole controversy started, because of a clip taken out of context of Logan yelling at a video game. If the game deserved it or not, who the heck knows, but I know one thing for sure and it's that fans are crazy. If they find something they can find the least bit incriminating they can use that to their advantage to stir up controversy. Logan would tweet out later that day, "If I find the man/woman who started this whole thing, I'll throw them up in the air and drop kick them into a field goal." 


What a crazy and ridiculous story that happened this week, yet Logan found ways to joke about it. I'm Steve from the tonight show in Saskatoon, and we'll deliver you all that juicy sport news. 





581 Words.




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