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The Worst VHL Players Ever


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Many of you, including veteran members, probably don't know the name Phil Schenn. I was doing a very research heavy media that will come out next week, and I came across him in the all time stats sheet. I noticed him because of his strange career length. As we all know, the maximum career length is eight seasons. Somehow, someway, Phil Schenn managed to play nine seasons, playing from S29 to S38. During this time period, he only managed to suit up for 325 games, picked up a mere 42 points, and had an ungodly bad plus minus of -149. He was a journeyman throughout the league, blessing many franchises with his talents, or lack thereof. 


In S29, Schenn was a rookie for the Reign. He only played 16 games, and had 9 points. Not bad for a rookie. He played for Riga again in S30, with a full 72 game season and a whopping 0 points. However, he was marked as a rookie again. This is because he likely didn't reach a rookie minimum games played or something, so it doesn't count as his rookie year.  However, that year still counts against you for your career length, unless the rules were different back then or I just don't fully understand the actual rules. He played with Vasteras in S31, and had another 0 point season, this time in only 21 games played. Then was moved to the Meute in S32, where he had 7 points in a full 72 game season. In S33, he was no where to be found in the league. Same story in S34, but in S35 he made his long awaited comeback to the Reign. He had a career year, finishing second on the Reign in scoring with a whopping... 21 points. In S36, his history is lost because the index didn't load for me. In S37, he found his way to Helsinki. He played another 72 game season, had 10 points, and finished with an all time bad -96 plus minus. Then, in his ninth official VHL season, he finished his career on a high note, with an incredible 0 points in another 72 game full season. 


Phil Schenn had three seasons with 0 points, two of which were full 72 game seasons. He wasn't in the VHL for two seasons and was routinely either sent down or cut. He had two rookie seasons. He played nine seasons. His points per game mark of 0.13 is the worst ever for players with 300+ games played. He was so bad, in his final VHL season, he played nine minutes. Not nine minutes per game, nine minutes the whole season. S30, the other season he had 0 points, he played 33 minutes the whole year. Perhaps it's not fair to make of Schenn. If you played a combined 42 minutes over two full seasons, you probably wouldn't have a single point either. However, it's just a testament to how bad Schenn was. Phil Schenn just might be the worst VHL player to ever enter the league. That would be the case, if Anthony Dabarno didn't have something to say about it.


I played with Dabarno in the VHLM. He was a first liner, maxed out player. He was great for Saskatoon. His TPE earning and production set him up to be selected 20th overall in the S63 draft by the Riga Reign, a decision Riga would come to regret. Randoms, an elite future player, would slip to 24th in the draft. Dabarno had promise though, he could be great for this Riga team. Unfortunately, he was anything but.


His rookie year, he had one single point. He played all 72 games, and unlike Schenn, he played more than 9 minutes that season. He played 100 minutes, about one and a half per game. That's basically nothing, but still more than what Schenn got. In S65, he found his way to Moscow. This way his time to shine, he could finally get playing time and put up some points. He ended up averaging 23 minutes per game, but only 19 points. His points per 20 minute total was eighth worst in the league. In S66, he had only five minutes per game, picking up five points. In his final season, he had only 90 minutes played and had only one point again. His career points per game mark is 0.09, the second lowest all time for forwards with 200+ games played.


These two players are among the worst the VHL has ever seen. When I scroll through the all time VHL stats for research, I always find something very interesting or strange. This all started as a quick vhl.com about how Schenn played nine seasons, but it then became about him being unbearably awful, and I had to compare Dabarno too. They are the only forwards with a substantial amount of games played (Dabarno has 286, Schenn has 325) that were just so bad.



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4 hours ago, Matt_O said:

Randoms, an elite future player, would slip to 24th in the draft.


yeah I wasn't interested to pick my another player, I was having enough with Kallis.


57 minutes ago, Victor said:

Legends of the game.


Think Dabarno was my first trade with @hedgehog337


yes it was.

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