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(WJC) 3 Prague players in Team Canada


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The founder cup finals are done, and the continental cup finals are about to play their 5th game. The draft is nearing and so are the training camps. It’s the time of the year when everybody looks at their favorite teams and wonder how will be the next season for them. Some teams look promising and others might need a rebuild. For Prague’s fans, the prospect pool is something they might want to watch closely. Lucky for them, some of their prospects has been selected in the WJC with 3 of them playing together for Team Canada! These 3 players are the founder cup winner; Robert Bouchard, the S75 rookie; Zachariah Kisslinger and the former Houston Bulls captain Dominic Gobeil. We managed to reach out to one of them and ask him a few questions!


Media: How does it feel to be selected by Team Canada?

Gobeil: Obviously, it feels great, its something you dream about but not really expect. I’m a proud Canadian and playing for my country is a big honor for me.


Media: Canada has never won a gold medal yet, how do you feel about it?

Gobeil: I’m frustrated for my country, we are one of the best countries at hockey in the world and hopefully, things will change for this tournament!


Media: Bouchard and Kisslinger are going to be your teammates next season, did you talk to them? And do you think this tournament can create a chemistry before the season between the 3 of you?

Gobeil: Oh, for sure! That tournament is gonna be really competitive and we will learn how to play together for sure. I talked a bit to both in the locker room, they are cool guys, we will get along I’m sure!



players mentioned:


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