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CHIKN! I am very excited to be working along side you in New York this upcoming season. I hope you make my job much easier!


I like your graphic here. It's tough to get good action pictures of players that aren't too blurry, but I would try to look around a bit more for less blurry players to use, though I love her intensity! I think your cut is nice, and the signature over her head looks good. Besides red, blue and white are the primary colors. It looks like the background is supposed to resemble the American flag? If so, I would change the black stripes to white and the square behind your player to blue. In one way it shows American pride, and if you moved your player more into the square it would be like she was the "star." Well done! 8/10

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I love this one its great, Nice and stealthy and the font is perfect. The Placement of the Teams name and logo is spot on and I really would like to see more like this. But the img quality is a bit rough, I know its not your fault but try one with a dark jersey possibly. 9.5/10

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Very, very well done graphic! Cutting out the player render was done superbly well and I love the sort of player card type style that was done here! The colour scheme is really sleek with the red and black (really good combo in my opinion) and the player signature (particularly the "Wing" part) pops out well by hanging over the player render. And the placement of the NYA Logo and Name really ties in the whole graphic together.

My only critic would be regarding the "Chicken" part of the player signature not really popping out and blending in due to the black colouring used, as well as although I love the black and red, maybe more blue and/or white colouring as a reference to the team would be different but good touch. Overall I'd give this a solid 8/10 as this is a perfect graphic for your signature!

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