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Claimed:Keeler Stumbles in Development Before Draft


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Keeler Misses Practices 2 Weeks in a Row, Draft Stock Takes Hit



And here we are again, Sam Keeler's ability is once again being questioned by GM's due to the fact that he has missed practice 2 weeks in a row immediately before the draft. This is not a good sign for teams that were attempting to talk to him before the draft and shows that he perhaps does not have the dedication that he originally claimed he had when he first entered the draft. In a recent mock draft, Keeler was predicted to fall into the 2nd round which would be a shock to say the least for him.


Keeler was asked why he has been slacking in effort so shortly before the draft. Keeler discussed that sometimes his life has gotten hecktic and sometimes he needs to honor certain commitments before hockey. But that he still very much plans on becoming a top player in this league and will put forth the training in order to do so. Whether a team will have faith in him in the 1st round to give him that opportunity is very much up in the air. Keeler still has yet to fully round his offensive game and it is a lock that he will once again be in the VHLM to fully develop as a player in order to come in and make an immediate impact for whatever team drops him.



"I've had a lot to think about regarding my family and relationships lately, and I needed some time away to just think about other things besides the game. But I still am committed, I took some time off after the season to enjoy myself and have some beers. I'm sure I'll be questioned for my desire, but I think anyone who takes the game too seriously at all times isn't going to have fun when they finally get into the big time. I'm just happy to be getting drafted, but obviously I don't want to have scouts and GM's asking questions about my commitment to the game of hockey. There's nothing I want more than to be a star in the VHL and NHL, and I will work to do so."-Sam Keeler


Keeler has been in touch with a few teams, but he hasn't had any that are seriously looking to select him with their pick. Many have reached out only to not follow up or see where he is in his development, but that could change in the next couple of hours shortly before the draft begins. Keeler certainly has the fire in his belly to become a star in the league, but his development curve seems to be of some concern to GM's. It is likely why he is currently sitting at the bottom of 1st round mocks and will likely be selected in that general area as well. With many prospects quickly climbing the charts and gaining more and more momentum and Keeler's slowing down, a draft that is already unpredictable could become even more of a guessing game. We will see what will happen tonight on draft day, it's predicted to be an extremely hectic event and should be very exciting to follow.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

537 words. I don't think anyone can fault you for taking some personal time, after all, real life sometimes gets in the way and takes precedent. I thought Keeler deserved a better fate last season and I really felt bad for your lack of production. However, I think you still have a bright future and hopefully we can see you at your best activity and if not, don't feel bad, life comes first. Great media spot though Kyle.

Grammar: 2/2

again, = again;

and shows = and it shows

hecktic = hectic

Appearance: 1/1

Nice work.

Overall: 6/6

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