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NYA/CGY ; S38 off-season


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To New York:

D - Jack Ryan (S37)

S41 2nd Round Pick


To Calgary:

D - Tony Stark (S35)


Had to clear cap and unfortunately the easiest cap for a defender to move is Stark.  Love Turner and he is an absolute pleasure to have as a member of a team.  Ryan gives us a potentially solid depth defender down the road and the second just adds another pick.


I accept.

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Stark is basically Ryan advanced a couple years, which puts him on the roster now instead of still in the minors (plus by the time we need to replace him, we'll have the pieces to do so, and he's not really active enough to worry too much about where his peak coincides with the team's peak). S41 2nd is basically just the catalyst that allowed the jump, and to be honest what's a mid-late 2nd really do these days?


Accept, and welcome to the team Turner!

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Oh you sly dog, you know who Ryan is on SHL.

I also know who Ryan is on SHL. Fact of the matter is, both Ryan and Stark are welfare guys from other leagues (Stark is Turner from USFL) so the fact that Ryan is Keenan doesn't really hurt me here.

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