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Aftermath of the Tallinder, Jubis, Encarnacion and Lafontaine era


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2 big years th for the Calgary Wranglers is flying by and this is their last chance to get a cup in their careers. These 4 superstars had great regular seasons stats and they are well known around the league, but their chances in the HOF might be low because of their playoff struggles over there careers. Who are next for Calgary once these people retires after this year playoff?


We got General Zod who is looking to be a leader in the locker room for these young players. He is the oldest on the team and he has est established himself as a strong two-way d-men that can get points, a lot of hits and blocks shots. He might have a shot at some hardwares these upcoming seasons once he is finally the number 1 d-men on the team. The question is who will pair up with him in the future?


Next we have the combo between Kosmo Kramerev and Tom Eagles. Kramerev is looking to tutor Eagles on that line and they are already doing great things together on the ice. Kramerev is a very talented offensive d-men that could actually play forward if he really wanted to while Eagles is a great defensive d-men that is already blocking quite a few shots, laying bodies while maintening a good +/-. These two are gonna be together for a long time in Calgary at least.


Next up we got our next franchise goalie Askarov. I'm expecting him to go CRAZY once Lafontaine retires. He's a goalie that could be starting on any other team in the VHL, but he has been the backup for two seasons now. Now he is locked in with his new contract and we expect nothing but great things from his career. He already had an undefeated rookie season as a rookie goalie and he has been decent in his sophomore season. Not to mention his one start in the playoff where he made 62 saves in a OT lost.



For our prospect players. chris foley, Mikey Harris and Magnus Verlander are expect to make the team next season if no trades goes down. One is a LW, the other a C and the last one a RW. I think it's a given to see them on a line all together to start the season and see how it goes for fun. They are all having good VHLM seasons, but we need to wait and see how that translate to the VHL since Calgary is still looking to compete for the upcoming seasons.


Liam Fischl and Sheldon Juniper are both players looking to make an early impact for the Wranglers. These guys have a lot of potentiel to be solid top 6 players on a team. If they work hard, their work will be rewarded on the stat sheet and we hope they can grow together as players in the VHL.


Riley Couture and Jonas Stormsson are looking like partners in crime right now. They complement well to each other and I think they could actually have a shot at becoming one of the best second lines in the VHL, but they will probably play first line for the Wranglers 'cuz Riley is our number 1 center men on the team.


Luke the captain Thornton is hoping to have a Mikko Lahtinen type of seasons. Lahtinen was a Wranglers once for his first 3 years and Thornton is already having a better career than he had at the start. He's hoping to get a huge step next season after signing that massive extension deal. He is currently a top 3 playe in his class right now with Onde Sandstrom and Christian Mingle

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