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How about some irony, ladies and gentleman. I got my own ''vacation'' simply by getting sick. My health decided that I'm working too much at managing Riga (aha jokes) and put me to sick leave. So here is my typical vacation on winter:


1. Wake up;

2. Take a bathroom;

3. Eat;

4. Do almost nothing, take some pills;

5. Eat; 

6. Do almost nothing; take some pills;

7. Sims! ;

8. Sleep;

8. Repeat this thing day by day. 


Honestly I'm simply not interested to do much at winter period and that ''vacation'' is not an exception. So I'll have to say this theme week is some weak shit cause this does nothing for me. I'm simply doing nothing during my so called vacation other than trying to get my health in check. Oh yeah, this thing too. Even when I'm not at office I'm still doing my GM job. I mean, I became Riga GM when I was still on vacation so what did you expect from me? 


The vacation on summer is a different stuff obviously. Taking a trip to sea to swim and getting my skin a bit more tan. Or traveling to Russia to my relatives. Or just to other Latvian cities because why not. Uhmm...and other things I'm doing there. The better weather is allowing me to enjoy something else other than just sitting at home just because it's fucking freezing cold. 


Not sure what are my playesr doing when are they going to vacation. Though, I'm pretty much sure Sirkants is doing the same thing what all of my previous clients were doing. Sitting at hometown, drink, party, nothing else. And occasionally traveling to other countries, doing nothing very useful there and then returning to either their homeland or to teams they are playing for. It's ok, my previous clients were also doing that drink-party-smoking-poppin pills stuff but then turned into respectable human beings. Either doing business, being a good father and husband. Or just like me - pretending to manage Riga Reign and having no idea what to do on vacation. Especially on winter time. 


Anyways. I'll have to tell once again that I never enjoyed writing this one. This theme week disappointed me a lot. This thing requires some imagination and I'm just not feeling good enough to come up with something decent. Right now I'm spending my free ''vacation time'' on home and claiming a welfare [aka sick leave money]. My ''vacation'' consisted of: eating, sleeping, playing chess, making one trade and fix my health. What on earth is vacation anyways? Maybe come up with this on summer when I have a brighter brains and more ideas. Right now, it's winter, I'm not in a good mood, not in the best shape either. So no, I do not think about any vacations or anything about that stuff yet. Or maybe when I'll come back to work. I'll probably travel with my team to away games so here is gonna be my vacation, like every fourth day. Until then, fuck off with that stuff. I had to scramble for 500 words just to spit some E- grade article about something I never wanted to write about. 


That's it and I'm out. 

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