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Vacation time to John Frostbeard


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Vacation Theme week article
"Places that have meaning"


John Frostbeard soon is going to end his GM career. For that reason I guess it would be appropriate for me to talk about places that have importance to me in VHL. There are extremely many of them that I feel I could mention and would like to visit again to remind myself about my path in the league and things that I would have liked to do. 

My vacation in the off-season is going to start in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, that was my first home back in S65 when I joined VHL. It was an interesting time and I feel that going back to the city would only make me realize how much time and how many amazing experiences I had there. Probably would have to get in contact with Pat, maybe we can have a bit of our bromance shine again in great poppy fields of Philadelphia (There probably are none but I will do my best to spend all my time there searching for one).

I think I would have to quickly visit Yukon, a place that I remember only vaguely and to be honest, feel like my time there was so limited that the only thing I really remember from it is HHH being his usual self - dominant in the LR and on-ice (not when it mattered though as we still lost).

Moving forward, I would have to briefly go to Calgary, a team that decided to draft me and make me feel excited about my career with Wranglers. To me, that city lost so much respect that I would prefer to go and get drunk there and go to the next city so that my Calgary experience would be easily forgotten. 

Now, this is the city that to me screamed home for so long. Seattle. A city that I loved, a city that opened arms and took me in without asking anything. My time there was truly magnificent, I loved every second of it, I will rush to the hip bars where Dok served weirdest cocktails you could imagine and dusty pubs where runoffs between me and some weird Aussie guy happened. I would suggest everyone to stay away from a basement near Bears arena that says "R_A_Y_Z" on the door, there is a pretty good chance that if you will enter, you will never come back.

Stop in both DC and NY is warranted. Even though my time in both was limited, I know I owe something to both of them. I have to find a way to repay. 

So I guess now it comes to the big ones - last one in North America would have to be Houston, my dear sweet Houston. I loved it, I loved it to the smallest detail, I enjoyed every second of my time there. Would have to go back there only to get some of those delicious BBQ ribs. I have never been in a better food city and just for that I would go there and spend 2 weeks just enjoyed taste and smell of a town that helped make me fall in love with VHL. 

My final spot for now - Malmo.  I guess it would just be fitting to go and end my journey there. Vacation that trumps all other vacations I could think about - a vacation that brings back the best memories to light and makes you remember things you lost along the way.

I guess that is it, my vacation that will soon start, hmm, maybe I should already plan for a future destination?

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I enjoyed the story, I liked the little trip down memory lane and your comments regarding every city/location. As a Bears player now it was cool to read about the Bears team of the past. Never been to Rayz, but sounds like it's for the best.


My only comment on what to improve is adding some kind of visual element, a picture for example, but overall a well-written story!

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