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Domini Maximus Plans Vacation in Japan


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Domini Maximus had a little time off and some reasons to celebrate this offseason. The S75 Philadelphia Reapers won the championship, joining the shortlist of all-time great VHLM teams. Domini also nabbed themselves the General Manager of the Year trophy.


About winning the award, Domini said “You know, it’s a great honor to win the GMoTY award because it’s voted on by my peers. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to win it. There were a couple of other GMs who probably deserved it more than me. What @Hylands did with Mexico City during the regular season, with how difficult their conference was, was nothing short of amazing. And, of course @InstantRockstar has done such a great job with San Diego, they really could have won it, too. Because of all that, it really was special to be selected by the other GMs.”


Domini spoke excitedly about their upcoming vacation. “I’m looking forward to a little time off. It’s nice to take some time off, refresh, regroup, and come back energized for next season. This past season was so intense. There were so many great teams. It was a battle all season. That grind really wears on you, even as a GM, you feel the strain of the long season. We really put our all into the entire season, and now I’m exhausted.”


However, Domini is notorious for changing planned vacations into working sessions. An unnamed employee told one story “Domini’s last ‘vacation’ was to the Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world, the least connected place on the planet. You would think that’s a spot where the work would stop. Then we get a call from Domini that they’d found a new player they want us to sign.”


That player was, of course, Pistil Stamen. The famous recruitment story goes like, Domini was on a hike in the Amazon and they encountered a small tribe. Domini caught a glimpse of Pistil sweeping and the rest is history. Pistil developed into the 1st overall pick of the S75 VHL Entry Draft. The employee continued, “So no, I don’t think we’re going to have much of a vacation. I think we’re going to get a call late one night telling us to start finding tape on some obscure player none of us have ever heard of.”


When asked about their ‘vacations’ Domini replied, “I do find it tough to get away and really you can’t ever fully disconnect, there’s something to look at, some player to scout, or some expenditure to sign off on. The work never really stops, so I can’t either.” Then they got a little more introspective, “I know it’s heathier for me to find time to really disconnect and give myself an opportunity to relax and recharge. I think that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Japan. Hopefully the time zone difference makes communicating with the staff back in Philly difficult. That means I won’t be able to work as much, even if I wanted to.”


Domini didn’t say much when asked if they had any scouting trips planned. “I’ll just say that we know there’s been some great talent to come from Japan. It would be foolish of me to not at least try to find the next VHL legend.”

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