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Matt Thunder interview after signing his new contract with Riga

Matt thunder

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 Riga press room, Matt Thunder has just signed a new contract with Riga for three years, he accepted to do an interview for the local press but also for the vhl press. ( his first one to be hoenst)


Journalist 1: Good morning Matt, thank you for this interview, let me start by asking: are you enjoing your time at Riga, are you feeling well with the team?


Matt: Of course i do, i love everything from this city, the fans, the ice rink, the monuments, the local food, the history of the city and the club,  for the other question, yeah I'm feeling good with the team, i think that the group love me and i love them, so everything is  good, I can even say excellent, i just hope that we won't destroy what we build togheter, but in my opinion it will never happen.


Journalist 1: thank you


Matt: no problem, anyone else?

Journalist 2: i would like to ask you something, is it hard to be the captain of a vhl team in your first time ever in this league?


Matt: well, not to brag, but i've already been the captain of vegas in the vhlm, so i'm used to cheer up my team mates or just make long speech for some importants events like the playoffs , but in my opinion it isn't that hard, if you are nice with your team they will be nice with you, and i'm lucky that i ended in a team with nice and skilled players, where we share the same passions.


Journalist 2: thank you, i would also ask you an other thing, do you consider yourself as a steal pick of the S74 draft?


Matt: to be honest i do not think that, i'm just a normal guy who loves to play hockey, yeah i play in the vhl but still i am a normal dude i'm not as talented as some other players who were drafted that same day, only time will tell us if i am a stal pick, but for the moment let's fly down, do we have any last questions? i'm enjoying this


journalist 3: i have a question Matt, do you think that Riga has a valid chance to get into the wild card and maybe into the playoffs? 


Matt: in my opinion, yes, we can, the team is good and we have some goods talents like Linus or Cabe, maybe, now that i think of that,  the only problem is in the defense, but i will try my best to defend the net and maybe fight some more dudes, as it is the only good thing i'm good at, just kidding, don't write that down, or maybe do it, i want my enemies to fear me, i'm kidding, again, really don't write that down, i do not want to ruin my carrer for just one joke, it would be very dumb 


Journalist 3: i won't write that down, don't worry, but now seriously thank you, and thank you for your time, have a nice day


Matt: thank you, have a nice day you too, and thank you for not writing that down.


( thanks to @hedgehog337 and @tcookie for helping me making this media spot)


562 words if i'm not wrong.





( the RIga, press room, i know the logo is wrong, but don't look much at it)



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  • Matt thunder changed the title to Matt Thunder interview after signing is new contract with Riga
  • Matt thunder changed the title to Matt Thunder interview after signing his new contract with Riga

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