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Phil's Johnson


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In a unsurprising turn of events, Player Agent and Builder Hall of Fame Phil Knight flashed the media this afternoon with a shocking statement.


"I stand fully behind Johnson, and will be the backbone he needs and deserves."


This raised many eyes, as you would expect an agent to stand by his signings, but with Johnson's rookie season coming to a close, and a disappointing one at that, Phil has decided to come out full force and ensure that the community knows where the two of them stand. 


"I know he's lacked a little luster this season, but I want to blow the wind back into his sails," he said, obviously not noticing the many, many innuendos he was clearly stating. "He may be a bit of a flop now, but soon his rigidity will return, in full force, and I will be there to watch when he explodes onto the scene."


The interview was cut short, as the reporter could not keep a straight face, but I think this means that Johnson will still have a player agent by the end of the season... what manner of relationship it will be, I suppose is open to interpretation. 



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