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Broken Laptop Rant


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Heyo guys, it's been an awful past few weeks and I think it's time to rant about it.


I don't know how you do it @Hex Universebut dear god is it ever a pain in the ass to try to do the forums and portal off your phone, let alone on this busted 10 year old laptop I've had to borrow from my girlfriend for the time being. It feels awful for several reasons, from both a player and AGM standpoint, as I really cannot feel as comfortable doing what I usually do compared to pre-RIP laptop. Trying to do writeups on a Hungarian PC that randomly switches to magyarul here and there as well as not being able to format on my phone is annoying as all can be.


On top of not being able to do TPE tasks as per normal, I also feel bad for my lack of usual AGM work for the Mexico City Kings. I'm definitely less active, as my phone doesn't give 90% of the notifications for Discord, so I miss out on tons of locker room talk and being there for the team. I'm way more used to having a personal computer right beside me that is always open and ready to chat or overall be active.


The worst part of it all, is these awful prices for laptops where I live. To get a good laptop that fits my expectations (that I'm ready to put the money down on), there is the usual 27% tax on top of electronics, so I'd have to drop about 15% of my monthly salary JUST ON THIS EXTRA TAX, let alone what I'd have to pay for it already.


Apologies on not being as active as of late, but I promise I'll get back to normal soon enough ❤️ 

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Happened to me too with my first player and my earning dropped hard, when I finally was adjusted to using mobile my laptop was fixed.. Guess it's kind of good because I never used a phone before and now I can be even more active but ay yi yi I feel you! Don't know why they don't have formatting on mobile 🤔

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